Friday, March 26, 2010

Swedish union accept cut in pay

Officially the wage increase is 3.2% over 2 years. Oh the smiles and happy tunes over them avoiding rallies and strikes.

However, seen to the inflation rate, that pay increase will evaporate already this year. In effect the union has just agreed upon lowering their member’s salaries.

Don’t get me wrong, I loathe unions. I pretty much think they are soul sucking thugs, a mafia with mafia methods almost always supporting more socialism. Never been a member and never will.

I also believe it is necessary for pay decreases right now. In order to tackle this depression (yes, it is) it is necessary to lower wages. Not private ones so much, but public ones. A 13% lower, across the board, pay cut as they did in Ireland would be a great thing right now. Or, rather eliminate all public employees completely. That would be the best thing ever.

But it is important that people know what inflation does to their ACTUAL purchasing power. What it says in your envelop (As long as it’s not a note from the Justice Minister outing you as a pervert to all around you) has nothing to do with it. If your income is 10,000, 100,000 or 1,000,000 have NO MEANING.

What matters is what you actually can buy for that money. It is the correlation between your pay and the cost of stuff at the store that matters. And since Sweden is a deeply socialized country you also need to check taxes and fees.

After you’ve paid 60-70-80 percent of your income in taxes and then what you can buy with what you have left. That is what matters.

Inflation is when our money loses value; it has nothing to do with prices as our enemies want you to think. REAL inflation in Sweden right now is around 3.2%, do you recognize that number? And it can only go up. This means that a year from now most, probably all, of that wage increase of two years is gone.

So when our Justice Minister sends thugs out to kidnap your children in order to put needles in them and force them to pee in a coup, your income is going down. Isn’t the world of leftie policies great?

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  1. Inte för att försvara Ask men jag tror detta beslut har med att göra med att nuförtiden finns teknik att med ett svettprov kontrollera drogbruk inom minuter och inte som nu med piss-, blodprov. Tekniken är just nu på prov inom kriminalvård, trafikkontroller.