Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The “right” should avoid winning coming elections

I’ve seen similar things argued about different countries, and I will follow up on that and point out that the same goes for Sweden.

The coming years will certainly be very hard, both financially and politically. The debt-mountains, the rampaging inflation, giant bubbles, overvalued markets, commodity manipulations and lots more are right now leading up to the mother crash of all crashes. The tsunami-wave of economic disaster lurking at the horizon will lead to absolute meltdown and will save no-one.

Whoever runs the country will be absolutely crushed as a political entity.

So the general elections coming up in Sweden, as well as UK and the Czech republic during this year will determine not only who will be running these countries but also what political party that will probably not rule again for many decades thereafter.

I will even go so far that the ones leading will be in mortal danger. The extremes of our situation and the worse it gets will make people go postal. People will die. Politicians will die.

In other words, no-one in their right mind would like to lead any country during these circumstances. No matter what anyone does, things will turn into a shit-storm without precedence.

Some of those in charge right now probably know this, but most don’t or trick themselves into believing in the fairytales. Whatever the case, I would urge anyone that doesn’t want to destroy their political and maybe personal future to lose the general elections.

After that blame the other guys. And let’s face it; politicians do the blame-game better than anything else. They are masters at it.

Sadly there are hardly any real “right” parties out there. They are all more or less center-left and there are certainly not any libertarian ideas embraced by any of the mainstream political parties.

But maybe this situation will open up the floor for such parties to come into being? Maybe people realized that the ones warning about the depression and screaming about the faults have almost all been libertarians? Maybe, just maybe there’s hope for the future.


  1. There is an upstart party I am very much leaning towards joining. You would probably be most welcome too, and since you have some political experience, maybe it's about time you return to the land of forest and socialism?


  2. Upstart? They've been around for a long time. :) You're late as always my dear friend.