Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The fascists continue their agenda

The Swedish Justice Mentalist, Beatrice Ask, have called for an oversight into the new surveillance law. Apparently the police was kind of left out, they too need to have greater power to prod, check and monitor us citizens.

As I’ve said before, they will never stop. Once this has been implemented they will expand the laws into the absurd.

We’re already well into an Orwellian nightmare, but for the powers that be it will never be enough.

I once got the lady in question to come and speak at a youth-conference back in 2001 I think it was. She was great. Her topic was about democracy and how we need to protect the few from the oppression of the many. As close to libertarian you can get with any career politician.

I wonder what happened.

Did she get the fascist bug somewhere along the line? Have power corrupted her? I still like her as a person, but as a politician she’s very scary.

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