Monday, March 22, 2010


Sweden’s Justice Minister has clawed her way out of her coffin and is on the hunt for adolescent kids and innocent people to out as perverts in accordance to her mood of the day.

First she joined forces with the rest of the soul sucking entities in suits and created the worst control-grid ever seen. All fashioned in such a way that an entire generation would be hunted down for sharing ones and zeroes.

Then she went after our children. Only under the SUSPICION that your kid may be doing drugs the government can now inject needles in, empty the bladder of and shove a glove up the ass of your kids without your consent. I am only guessing here, but my conclusion is that she needs to extracts fluids from kids to replenish her own mutating cells.

But going Mwah, ha, ha, ha! and rubbing her hands together in utter glee she still had some life draining to do.

Said and done.

Her latest asylum suggestion says that anyone SUSPECTED of a buying sex is to be outed to all and everyone. This includes neighbors, friends, relatives, and pretty much everyone should know about it under the SUSPICION that you’ve done something wrong.

This would be the end of the justice system as we know it and goes against everything a Justice Minister should stand for.

But in Beatrice Ask’s world kids can be violated, youngsters can be locked up and innocent people can be outed as perverts.

Now finally we’re getting some calls from the higher and mightier for her to resign. True it is an open target and the opposition will take advantage of that, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. She should resign, that’s the only reasonable conclusion.

Strangely media is still very quiet. Not to mention the people of Sweden.

Do you idiots out there like to have your kids turned inside out and forced into humiliating situations? Does no-one out there feel a bit uneasy about being outed as a criminal when you haven’t even been trialed yet? What is wrong with you?

There should be rallies everywhere and parents should be demanding the Justice Ministers head on a plate.

At the very least we should all demand that she resigns from her position.


  1. Stop complaining, Bea is one of our finest ministers even though she got it a little wrong this time. If you were to listen to her more often you would realise that she has a way of expressing her self that is very down to earth. Like the one time she told police officers to shut the hell up, when they where gossiping about their chiefs.

  2. She can be the best minister ever in the history of mankind, it doesn’t matter. It is impossible to have a Justice Minister that thinks that innocent people can be outed as perverts.

    She has lost it, big time.

  3. This seems to be an international thing, Apocalypse. It's certainly prevalent in bills in the UK and the US. Is it a UN thing? Perhaps a G20 thing?

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised Fausty.

    The funny thing is that even she were to resign, somewhere down the line another minister or organization will say the same thing. The outrage will be less. And then another one says it, and then another one and then it is a law. And the people have been fucked again.