Monday, March 22, 2010

And the funniest description of the day

I’ve said many times over that math and reality doesn’t tell lies and put forward arguments, facts, statistics and the occasional graph to show what I mean.

Despite my efforts I do recognize that most of you out there still have no idea what my point is, or rather don’t want to know. This is particularly true for media, economists, pundits and most politicians who are seemingly clueless and dense beyond saving.

The Market Ticker is a good read since he explains things better than I normally do, but I also happen to stumble upon another guy worth checking out.

Especially this post: THE Most Important Chart of the CENTURY

And if you for some reason don’t get his point; the game is up.

There is no more inflating that can save us one additional time. No more debt accumulation will drive us into the future with higher productivity. No printing of money will magically come to the rescue. No expansion of government will create real jobs. We’ve reached the end of the line. Now, today, and for most countries the only questions are when and how bad, not ‘IF’.

There are only different levels of horrific - depending on in which country you’re in. Things will start to go really bad and then it will escalate into horrific and from there you can start looking in the book of revelation to find proper adjectives.

The stage is set, the players have all lost every piece on the board and all that is left is for that Tsunami wave of depression to knock it all over and plunge us into the depth.

You still think you’re safe don’t you? Surely I cannot be right? Your country isn’t that bad, right? You still don’t see how they are robbing you blind right now, at this very moment?

You will, soon, very soon…


  1. I'm prepping as we speak. Interesting thing though - after we have the deflationary collapse (which turns hyperinflationary if they print enough to avoid it) and government debt is recognized as the toxic asset it is - for the first time in a century we have a chance at going back to a real economy.

    Battle of a lifetime, no?

  2. No kidding. It can go either way, but if history has learned us anything we can look forward to some of those funny little men with grand dreams of world conquest...