Thursday, March 4, 2010

Probably no postings today

I'm getting intoxicated and looking for a good place to live. This task takes time, at least the getting drunk part.

And please let me know if anyone else out there is looking for that desolate place far from all the madness. Preferably somewhere you can grow your own food and not too close to any of the madness about to ensue.


  1. Welcome to our village, You have qualifed for financial minister when we take over.

  2. Well, let’ face it, in most countries and communities a single-celled organism would qualify for that position. If anything, I’m overqualified.

  3. Well, there are a few post-apocalypse tribes developing out there. Let's hope we make it in time! 2012 is my guess for the time remaining (not related to any Mayan calendar though).

  4. Österlen skåne min vän......
    paradiset i sverige iaf.........