Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chile is yet another example of failure

The country of Chile that recently got struck by several earthquakes is now having problems with looting and an escalation of crimes.

This isn’t surprising. A deeply socialistic country, albeit less so then most other South American countries, cannot handle catastrophes at a satisfactory level.

Yes, compared to the totally leftie mess in Haiti, Chile can build housing better and have a so so infrastructure which reduce the damages, but still there are most likely several hundreds of unnecessary deaths.

Since 1990, successive governments, though left-of-center, have largely maintained the market-based institutions and policies established under the 17-year rule of General Augusto Pinochet. Since getting rid of the dictator and leftie warmogerer Allende, Pinochet changed Chile to a slightly more liberated country.

Today Chile’s income tax rate is well above average, but its corporate tax rate is below average. The top income tax rate is 40 percent, and the top standard corporate tax rate is 17 percent. Other taxes include a value-added tax (VAT) and a property tax. Chile’s regulatory environment means that business takes an average of 27 days to start, obtaining business license demands 20 or more procedures. Bankruptcy procedures can be burdensome and lengthy. In the most recent year, government spending equaled horrific 18.6 percent of GDP! Hence the state of Chile is deeply socialized, but as said not as bad as many other countries.

Anyway, this lack of capitalism has made Chile into a country with many problems, one of which is a deep rooted poverty that comes into effect now after the quakes. Of course the government reacts with putting military on the streets, just as any progressive and collectivistic authority would.

Imagine if the country had followed a more libertarian road. If so no-one would need to loot, fewer houses would have fallen and no extra help would have been needed. The military wouldn’t be out on the street bullying people and all the extra cash available within society could be helping those few in need.

Sadly, as usual, most within media and most pundits outside of Chile complain over the lack of socialism. They say that if poverty was shared, if only people of Chile divided the resources so no-one would work and all investments fled the country, things would be much better. In essence THIS is what they want.

This madness is the opposite-game. Anything bad that actually happens because of too much statism is said to be, by the elitists, because of capitalism. Well, global warming is also a main culprit, but global warming is caused by capitalism so, well, yeah…

They fool you with the manmade global warming hoax, they scam you with GDP-trickery, they steal your money through inflation and they lie to you about how societies and economy works. After that they hand out your money to banks and their pals and say that’s the solution.

Why aren’t you out stringing these people up?

Chile is now suffering from problems they shouldn’t have, worse still is the situation in the deeply socialized Haiti and at the same time the world financial system is going to hell. It can all be traced back to the same problem, but the powers that be are hiding the truth from you, and worse, most of you buy it, which is exactly why things are going to hell.


  1. Ahem - what about Hurricane Katrina that happened in the mother of all capitalist societies - looting and crime also out of control. Law enforcement commiting heinous crimes against the victims etc. etc. Human nature is human nature is human nature.......

  2. Great point Donna. Exept that the USA is now a socialist/totalitarian shithole as well. It isn't human nature that is the cause of this, it's the altruistic morale we've been forcefed for thousands of years by people who know it's bullshit, but takes any given opportunity to fuck you up the ass. Priests, politicians environmentalists and other scum.

  3. You mean the United Fascist States of America? US of A is probably less capitalistic then Chile. Statism is running amoke.

  4. You my good sir, are the failure. I can tell you haven't been in Chile. Because if you had you wouldn't be saying these things. Also Chile is way less socialist than many european countries. I don't see what politics has to do with anything here. The looting is not so extense and has almost completely stopped. There's always going to be people taking advantage of certain situations.
    Iran? huh, OK.

  5. allende was not a warmonger or dictator! Augusto Pinochet's captlism almost destroy Chile's economy! Strange that many americans died in Hurricane Katrina when they know the hurricane was comming. meanwhile chile and hati did have none warning about earthquake