Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh what a horrible movie

Watched a movie yesterday and I just came to think of that while pondering on what the Swedish Minister of injustice is going to say and do next.

The movie centers on a person that picks up a prostitute to bring to a wedding as a date. Needless to say romance and wackiness ensues. A love movie and not a particularly good one. Isn’t this horrible? A person paying for another person’s body for sex and other despicable acts. How can they make such a movie?

Anyway as recent surveys show the gender of one’s most likely to sell their bodies is the same as the hooker in this movie, at least at a younger age. Strangely something that is ignored by media, as well as politicians everywhere. You see the prostitute in the movie was male.

Sweden’s Injustice Minister, Beatrice Ask, the totalitarian that she is, have been blaming everyone for covering up that young females are prostitutes. It isn’t her totally wacked statements or the fact that she wants to torture youngsters, which probably include several of the prostitutes she says she wants to protect, that is sort of overshadowing any prostitution. Oh no, it is blogs. The evil blogosphere is upset over fascist views far worse than any prostitution ring and so the Minister hates blogs.

And then there were the letters.

The Injustice minister wanted SUSPECTED individuals to be outed. If someone is suspected for any sort of sex crime then everyone around this person should know about it. The minister even said it would be a good thing if a daughter of the suspect noticed the letter and got to know what kind of horrid father she has.

Apparently, in true cover-up political style, people are upset over the color of the letters. Yeah! It wasn’t the statements or that innocent people would be outed as perverts or that the minister doesn’t understand why her authoritarian views upset us, of course not, it was the color of the letters.

And then, six days after she said those things at a official lecture she had prepared for, she partly withdraw her statements saying that she should know better - it is election year.

So we have the colors of the letters, hateful blogs and the fact that there’s a general election later in the year. That’s what this is about…

How can they get away with this crap? Where is the media?

I think it is a general switch in how we perceive justice that is on its way and if it wasn’t so bloody funny, it would be very scary. Let’s just take some examples.

FRA – you don’t even need to be a suspect for a crime for getting your electronic communication scanned and all content checked. (This is what we know, indications point to even worse…)

Tele communication storage – All Swede’s will have all their phone calls, text messages, email and internet connections registered. No crime needed.

The police nowadays also have the right to monitor and surveillance people without them being suspected for anything. The police can be watching you right now.

Add to this ACTA, IPRED, the European Union's new surveillance ideas and how everyone sharing ones and zeroes per automatic is suspected of file-sharing and if some of those ones and zeroes happens to be about something that arbitrary is regarded as “property” the thought police and private company thugs can storm your home, without a warrant, and take every piece of appliance they want and hurt you if needed.

With this, and much more, is it very surprising that a Justice Minister utters totalitarian views and don’t understand why so many is upset? And media; owned by corporate interests and the power elite and run by journalists that are too lazy to actually check facts, is it surprising they don’t do their job?

All this might seem bad, but it actually gets a lot worse.

If my predictions about a worldwide economic meltdown holds, and I see no reason why they shouldn’t, then comes soon a time where the world as we know it will change to the worse and if they haven’t imposed a total shutdown of our social and economic freedom before, they sure as hell will then.

A rant about a movie ('The Wedding Date') ended in Armageddon… how about that…

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