Saturday, March 27, 2010

Gimme! Gimmie! a printing machine after midnight

A national lottery contestant in southern Sweden hit the jackpot on Saturday evening with a record 214.6 million kronor ($29.5 million) win.

I know some hope that money goes to someone already rich and well educated. Someone who knows how to handle money. In the right hands money can be doubled, tripled or more which would benefit us all.

Me, I’m hoping it went to some poor Schmuck who will squander that cash on TV’s, cars and other useless items he/she doesn’t need. Or, what I would do myself, to someone that moves far away and put that money to use in another country. Whoever that lucky bastard is, he/she better watch out and don’t let the kids get any of that money. That might trigger strange behavior and then the Justice Minister may stop by with armed thugs to draw blood and force the kids to pee in a coup.

In any case, I’m jealous and pissed that I didn’t win. Well, I didn’t play either, don’t like the odds, but I’m still pissed. Shouldn’t the government step in and give everyone such amounts? Just use the printing machine will ya, and give me, give me…

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