Saturday, March 13, 2010

Eurovision Again

The Swedish Eurovision final had its highs and lows. The contributions were probably better than last year and most of the performers are of good standard. The show is on a high level throughout (except for the ‘rock’ idiots towards the end...). The Swedish/Norwegian mix-up was also a good showcase. With the exceptions for some sleazy male ballad singers there’s not much to complain about…

But the voting process… oh my lord Beelzebub… Letting our future competitors vote!? WTF! And the so called “experts”… Idiots.

The winning contribution, ‘This is my life’ by Anna Bergendahl isn’t a real winner. Although I like the girl, loveable really, the song doesn’t have the ‘humph’ needed to win European hearts. Not good enough for a Swedish contribution I would say. I’m guessing on a 14th position in the final, and then I am in a positive mood.

It would have been better if the ladies of Timotej had won. They sang a great little catchy tune named “kom” which with my loosely translation means “Come here”, and they are four semi-sexy blondish women, 30 points extra for that alone. Although their performance can get a lot better. Maybe a change of wardrobe as well… But looking at YouTube the different postings have together by far exceeded 120 000 views, and that’s a high number on a new song by an unknown group. I’m guessing they are already gaining fans, so it is a shame they didn’t win.

Well, this is my choice:

And then the winner:

Just for that we need a great song to finish this post. This is the Serbian song and Winner performed by Marija Serifovic on Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki – 2007. Without a doubt one of the best winners and songs ever performed in this contest. I don’t understand a word, but the power of this translates over any barrier. Fantastic.

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