Saturday, February 13, 2010

Simply how democracy works

A leading candidate for the Moderate Party (supposed conservative, but actually lefties) in Stockholm was forced to stand down when he admitted to cheating to secure a nomination for this year's general election.

No surprise there, this sort of thing goes on all around the globe, in pretty much every political party. Anyone that’s ever been involved in politics know this isn’t an isolated incident.

This cheater is standing down after admitting to paying membership fees for new members to the party, thereby boosting his chances of getting the nomination.

Again no surprise. When I was in politics this was pretty much a part of everyday life. It’s hard to even count the number of times some fraction of people or an individual tried to get him or her elected through friends that had been temporarily conscripted.

One incident I remember during a large gathering I was actually a suppliant, but magically became a member of three different districts on the same day, this in order to have my vote count on different issues. I’ve seen people hire busses and shipping in people to win a certain vote, and the trickery I noticed in my youth years when, among other things, the current Swedish Prime Mentalist stole one election, should be legendary.

The party's ombudsman, Sverker Eriksson, told Swedish newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, that "He(the trickster) did not understand the regulations," , adding that paying fees for members was "like buying votes" and against party policy.

Buying votes? If that’ not a part of ALL political parties, I don’t know what is. Buying votes is probably the only thing all ideologies and parties have in common. They do this with promises, with welfare checks, by offering protection for votes and through outright fraud and direct bribes.

If any of you sheople out there haven’t understood this truth, you simply don’t know anything about how democracy works.

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