Saturday, February 13, 2010

Finally an effort

I do oppose western Armies in Afghanistan. Too many shadowy and very transparent reasons are sold to ‘us’ for being there. Only a fool would listen to anything coming from the US war machine. Even IF we were to buy the reasons for the American presence, the rest of the involved countries certainly have nothing to do there.

However, the worst mistakes made so far have been the tactics of the western war criminals, or rather lack thereof. One don’t need to be a tin-foil hat to see the writings on the wall when drug trade flourish like never before, when pipe-lines are being planned, corrupt officials are getting wealthy and Iran is getting encircled.

The truth is that American forces would easily conquer and overrun the Taliban if they really went all in and actually fought the war. In this sense I absolutely understand American generals asking for more troops, how can they win a war if they don’t have the backing needed?

Now however the Marja offensive, with a total of some 15,000 coalition forces are involved in combat and support roles, including British troops and American army units are attacking and will soon have taken the city of Marja. Probably the first in several pushes into Taliban territory. An effort to actually fight, go figure.

The media is running this story as they always do, telling us about weaponry, tactics, casualty statistics and so on. Very little is told about the real reasons for the slaughter taking place, and although we will see one or two poor Afghanis crying on TV, most of the stories (depending on country) will be about mothers losing their heroic sons in battle, reporters riding with combating troops, Afghans praising US soldiers and similar goodigoodgood accounts.

Sweden, along with several other countries should pull out of there and then we should urge the Americans to either fight the war or get the hell out, preferably the second. US can instead go back to selling weapons to the Saudi’s and other totalitarian regimes in the area they are not attacking. Not yet attacking one should say…

I’m also kind of disappointed with the Taliban’s. They don’t put up much of a fight when things really get going, and so far hardly any efforts by terrorists to make a point. Hard to understand why the Americans haven’t engaged them more, but that’s probably because they don’t wanna accomplish anything as prosaic as winning…

Still profits to be made you know, and those shadowy deals – need to consider those…

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