Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grimm Reaper threatens penis

In a nursery in Värmland, Sweden, a caretaker got tired of a disabled man who apparently had an untimely ability to wet himself. And so dressed up as the scythe carrying hooded figure, the caretaker threatened to cut off the penis if the disabled continued to piss without permission.

The "Grim Reaper's" macabre threats have not yet been reported to the police although the staff member in question has been served notice.

I feel a bit sorry for the staff member, I mean he used his imagination in order to solve a problem and he didn’t really go Kevorkian on the sorry piss-ant, so what’s the problem? The pay is low, society urges us to get rid of costly elderly and incontinence is a nuisance, and what is a disabled man to do with his dick anyway?

Sure, it is not really a part of the job description to dress up like death and threaten people, but if I was disabled sitting at a home all the time with nothing to do but wet myself, I would probably like the distraction of death, maybe even welcome it.

Oh yeah! Kill me baby!

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