Thursday, February 25, 2010

Greece is screwed

In a very believable move The European Union has shown its righteous wrath by stripping Greece of its vote at a crucial meeting next month, the worst humiliation ever suffered by an EU member state.

The council of EU finance ministers said Athens must comply with austerity demands by March 16 or lose control over its own tax and spend policies altogether. It if fails to do so, the EU will itself impose cuts under the draconian Article 126.9 of the Lisbon Treaty in what would amount to economic suzerainty

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Yeah… this will work fine in quenching leftie stone-throwers, conservative nationalists and libertarian freedom lovers across Europe, don’t you think?

Looking around the EU and with this report in mind, soon only the Nordic and central European states will be able to vote, but not very soon thereafter no-one will reach the criteria, what happens then? Will the dictator wannabe Herman van Rompuy be our new savior?

‘Peace in our time’ by my newly shaved arse…

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