Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your body

There’s only tree ways of looking at ownership.

1) Anyone can take whatever from whoever whenever
2) Some people can take whatever from whoever whenever
3) No-one can take anything from anyone without permission

The same goes for your own body. In a decent civilized society you would be your own king. You would decide what to eat, smoke, inject, and drink. And since the body is your kingdom no-one has the right to claim it in any way.

But of course things does not work this way. As an example, when it comes to rape you get violated many times over. Not only by the hands of the rapist that force has you to do something against your will, but also by government that outlawed you from protecting it. And then, when things cannot get any worse, or so you think, you get screwed again by forcing yourself to sit through an arduous trial and then the justice system that, if convicting the rapists, hardly gives the offender a punishment. And if you had the audacity to protect yourself or even uhuh… hurt the offender, oh my, the sledgehammer will come down on you from the legislator like the wrath of God.

You see, your body isn’t yours, it belongs to the government. It is the job of politicians, bureaucrats and their hired guns to protect you, tell you what to do, what to eat, drink and smoke. The same goes with the rapist; you shouldn’t protect yourself, that’s an assignment that belongs to those deemed better.

If you smoke, do drugs, drink too much or any other number of things, you’re evil according to the righteous elitists. But the worst thing in the eyes of the powers that be is if you to protect you. Nothing can be more heinous. Just imagine if people started carrying guns. How could any tax-collector then feel safe?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fuck government. If you have the need to, get a gun, and if anyone ever jumps your bones, kill the bastard. If the powers lock you up, at least you’ve made the world safer and planted a seed of doubt in the heads of any would-be rapist.

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