Sunday, January 10, 2010

Canis Lupus

As I’ve stated before I feel kind of uneasy about the whole hunting-wolf thing. I hardly see the point in chasing down and killing a close to, in Sweden, extinct animal and I definitely don’t endorse the pointless hunting. Sitting in a hut shooting some stray animal walking by? What’s the fun in that? Highly stupid.

However, I hardly see any reason to outlaw it either. If people want to be idiots sitting out in the wilderness knocking of some furry beasts, that’s their business. Even if I like wolfs, I like human rights more.

One thing that has been bugging me though is the usage of animals in captivity and parading them around for amusement. I don’t care if people hunt down and shoot at elephants, but I do however care if we keep those majestic animals locked up, make them do our bidding and walk them around so we can clap and be marry. Even when I see murderess Polar Bear that actively hunt man and should be rendered extinct lurking around within some confine surrounded by wires and electrical fences I feel it is wrong. Kill them sure, eat them, take their skin and do whatever, but to force wild beasts into a small habitat and make them do what we want just so we can applaud? Now that is cruel.

I know I know, some animals may go extinct if we don’t, at least that is what we’re told. But why shouldn’t they? If Mother Nature or, in rare cases, mankind makes an animal obsolete then that’s it, let them go in peace. Why should we play ‘benevolent’ God all of a sudden? 99.99% of all animals that ever existed are gone, poof, not here anymore. So what if some more dies out? What’s the diff?

Ohoh… the eco-system… Yeah, so what? What about it? Any habitat will automatically adjust, new species will evolve, and others take the extinct ones place. That’s the way of the game. The only way we can really make any problem, in the short run, is if we knock out several species or entire areas at the same time. Maybe it leads to rats taking over; more mosquitoes or antelopes grow in numbers. So what? There are chemicals or different ways of hunting to solve that if it ever were to happen, which isn’t very likely.

Anyway, my point is that some bloodthirsty fuck of a man wants to sit in the forest and shoot at harmless animals, I can deal, however, when some wolfs somehow escapes from captivity and get riddled with bullets I see it as a grouse violation of how we should act as human beings. Not really the shooting part, but rather the captivity thingy that sort of make wolfs dangerous, more so than any free roaming beast. This happened recently in southern Sweden, so not only are Swedes killing off the few we have in the wild, we’re also slaughtering the ones we have breed for our amusement. Is this really showing a good behavior from the dominate species of the planet? And if not, how should we act?


  1. Ja, ja.
    "a close to extinct animal..."
    Det finns 45000 av deras kompisar i Ryssland.
    Varje djurart måste inte finnas överallt som smöret på frukostfrallan...

  2. De måste inte finnas alls. Du missade helt poängen med inlägget, citerade fel och valde ett löjligt nick. Hur kan man ta dig på allvar?

  3. Den moderna människan har blivit rädd för döden då vi rationaliserat bort den överallt till och med våra egna släktingar låter vi dö i vård av professionella. Samma med djur när vi(dom) blir så upprörda över licensjakt på varg som görs i alla länder som har varg men accepterar djurparker. Helt ologiskt enligt mitt ringa sätt att se på saken. Djur ska leva gott!