Thursday, January 14, 2010

What has Obonga been smoking?

Maybe one shouldn’t be too surprised that the man who’s currently obliterating Afghan villages, bombing refugees in Pakistan and destroying the world economy has the time to throw millions at a deeply corrupt and socialistic country like Haiti.

If the Haitians had embraced individual freedom thousands of people wouldn’t be dead and the disaster aid wouldn’t be necessary to the same extent. The pick-pocket in chief have the intention to bring his countrymen to the same level of living as that of the Haitians so he’s probably setting the stage so Americans can get help from abroad later on.

USA has people dying all over due to the deep freeze (thank you global warming). There are people in Louisiana still homeless from Katrina. Homeless people sleeping under bushes, kids who go to bed hungry every night. Hardworking Americans who have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings. Soldiers who come home to nothing. The deficit has reached unprecedented size and companies are going under each day. Yet they are going to spend $100 million out of taxpayers’ pockets to help another country that should have been able to fend for themselves?

And the wording coming out of his mouth between inhales? Please.

“This is a situation that calls out for American leadership,” He huffed and continued:

"Yet, even as we bring our resources to bear . . . we need to summon the tremendous generosity and compassion of the American people,"

Yeah, and then he can fly around the globe very fast and change history…

Can you believe this guy? Not that any other leader is any better, from all over the world aid is sent and not a single penny has so far come with restrictions or demands. Are we just going to save these people so they can sit around and wait for the next coup or natural disaster and die then instead?


  1. Detta kan vara det dummaste jag någonsin läst.
    Jag antar att du stödde Irakinvasionen med dess gigantiska kostnader för ingenting förutom hundratusentals civila offer, men motsätter dig en humanitär räddningsaktion för en minimal bråkdel av samma summa?
    "Most people dont use their intellect" skriver du. Jag antar att "It takes one to know one"...

  2. äuhm? Kanske skulle läsa innan du yttrar dig.