Thursday, January 14, 2010

The monetary union of deficiency

The powers that be are out in force again, promoting the planning of our economies through the Marxist solution called EMU. Sweden held a referendum on the subject as faaaaar back as 2003; surely it is time for another vote? The elitists seem to think so.

Lately they’ve been issuing calls for new investigations; apparently we need to hire some bureaucrats to study the pro and cons. Also several leading politicians are writing editorials, a couple of newspaper has talked about the Euro more frequently and it seems that this current crisis, that should be a deterrent, have in fact tightened their resolve. But just like a Nun loves nimble and athletic fingers they play the game, two stepping around the obvious target and instead fondles the area around – in this case avoiding the topic of a new referendum…

Or will we even see another one? Well opinion-polls in Sweden have showed a sort of 50/50 situation, even a slight plus on the Yea-side, so maybe, but it seems more likely they will try to hammer the message for a year or so before issuing some decree how unnecessary it is or how the Lisabon treaty in combination with a harsh world filled with treacherous recessions demand that the überlords take swift action.

There are so many problems with the monetary union, not only in theory; we’ve already seen how Greece, Spain, Italy and several other countries are piling up debt, running deficits breaking the rules. So very the basis of the monetary union, the rule-book, isn’t in use. The asymmetric chocks are ever present and the large mass of pensioners has just started to roll out. And the pensions for most of these people aren’t there, there’s no money. Where did it go you might ask, well they spent it on you, or rather they spent it to get your vote in general elections, so enjoy that ‘free lunch’ that was your pension...
If we don’t want tens of millions of starving elderly around Europe those founds need to come from somewhere. Higher taxation is the most likely solution.

I could go on, but what I wanted to tell you isn’t about the economics but rather that it is soon coming, the next referendum that is. They haven’t said it yet, no date have been set, but when more and more indoctrinating texts and our beloved leaders are rumbling about a certain subject in an exponential way, that’s when we can say things are soon coming out of the woodwork.

And this time around they come more prepared; they have learned how to make you give them them the keys to the mental-ward. Oh, I can already hear the drool from countless banksters’ mouths hitting that mahogany table-edge and slowly filling the puddle by their feet.

I do hope some of you normal kids out there are instead eyeing a grassy knoll were you can lay down and catch some thug in a suit going by in your scope. Well, I can dream...

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