Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Messiah hands out new decrees

The great leader of the western world, Mr. Oduma, the pick-pocket in Chief of United Socialist States of America, has told senior officials that the failure to anticipate the latest attempted terror attack was a "screw-up".

So now officials have moved dozens of names on to "watch" and "no-fly" lists, as they seek to overhaul security. One can only assume that means that yet more patriots, libertarians, Muslims and right-wing people will haft to make do with overtaxed cars in the future.

The most warmongering president in American History also seem to be compliant with the Saudi’s request to send more “observers” to Yemen, since the underwear-terrorist came from alleged “training camps” in that country. Gorgon Brownie, who made sure to lose a couple of tons of explosives in Yemen the other day, have already blinked with his good eye several times so the two saviors of the world seem to be in agreement – it’s time to turn another poor country into a graveyard.

In the meanwhile the US re-opened its embassy in Yemen on Tuesday, following what it called successful counter-terrorism operations by government security forces on Monday north of the capital. One can assume this means they successfully bombed a couple of families and knocked of some pesky babies, God knows we need less of those, just ask the millions of refugees in Pakistan that still carries too many.

And Der Fatherland's Security Secretary Janet Napolitano have also dispatched two malignant thugs -- Deputy Secretary Jane Holl Lute, her top intelligence official, and Assistant Secretary for Policy David Heyman -- on a worldwide outreach effort to improve aviation security for U.S.-bound flights.

The circuit of Napolitano's demonic helps includes Amsterdam, Britain, Belgium, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria and Brazil. Their goal is to lay the groundwork for agreements to improve security technology and policies i.e. to stop pesky bloggers, Muslims and people that don’t pray to Mr. Oduma. The discussions overseas are also likely to focus on increased sharing of information about airline passengers, which means that those that are fortunate to be able to fly to the ever faster declining Socialists States of America will be closely watched and put on several lists.

And in the meanwhile Internet fascism is growing; the economy goes further down the drain, Mr. Oduma continues to build his training camps for Americas Socialist Youth, and the Fourth Reich soldiers in the Middle East keeps murdering more Muslims. Oh, this will end so well…


  1. What's up with this RIDICULOUS 3D-focus... ?
    The 3D-world is a fucking joke. Why do you spend time and focus on it at all?

  2. Am sorry, what are you talking about?