Monday, December 7, 2009

Yawn announcements and comical statements

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), another one of those environmental agencies that do not completely disclose how they get their data, from where or how those data are the basis of any decision, “revealed” today that the scientific evidence surrounding climate change clearly showed that greenhouse gases "threaten the public health and welfare of the American people". Of course media take such a statement both as a revelation and news, as if such insane opinions weren’t known about EPA before.

This conference is starting to get mighty amusing.

To stress the made-up significance of the summit, 56 newspapers in 45 countries, all owned or controlled by elitist henchmen, published the same editorial on Monday, warning that climate change will "ravage our planet"(Haha...) unless action is agreed.

And the statements are just flying around. Among other things the Danish Prime Mentalist was quoted saying:
"By the end, we must be able to deliver back to the world what was granted us here today: hope for a better future,"

So while the elitists thousands of limos and private jets are spying out more emission than a decent sized city, they are openly lying to us. And at the same time as the powers that be are dining, feasting and coming up with more ways to dig into the public’s pockets, they are making statements that belong in an asylum. It’s all a staged set, a theater of madness from which we already know what’s coming. We already know beforehand what they will say and how it will reported in the news. But media is doing its very best to keep up appearances, every so called revelation will be scrutinized and commented on by so called ‘experts’, and the throwing about of bizarre and untrue statements will be delivered to us all as “the truth”.

History’s biggest hoax being sold by 15000 leaches in suits gluttonizing themselves with tax money paid for buffets while spin-doctors use the lies to sell papers is the very essence of entertainment. Especially since so many morons out in the same world as this conference is set out to destroy buy the crap.

Some years ago I would have been upset over all the outrageous lies, but today I’m more shrugging and nibbling on some popcorn while waiting for the next lie. It’s very funny stuff coming from these criminals and I suggest those of you with synapses working join me instead of throwing a fit. Well, the alternative with machine-guns together with words like‘postal’ and ‘Copenhagen’ will also work, at least for my amusement.

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  1. The climate has changed many times before, and often to a greater extent than is happening now. One of those climate changes created the foundation for the modern man, of about 75 000 years ago, and our migration from Africa to other continents.

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    Worth noting that the technical community has existed for more than just over 150 years. To believe that we have created the climate change is happening now is a very arrogant approach to us humans. To believe that we can halt climate change is haughty.

    The Copenhagen summit should be about instead is how we organize our societies worldwide to cope with and survive climate change. Many cities and communities have to move on themselves for survival. What can Scandinavia do to receive 10-20 million refugees? Or what can Africa do to receive 10-20 million refugees from Europe, etc.

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