Monday, December 7, 2009

The elitist firesale

I’ve never seen so much crap being auctioned off as the truth as right now. Our enemies are on the warpath trying to bamboozle us one last time before the inevitable collapse. Oh, what they are trying.

Some researchers have been found out (unt now also NASA), hoaxing the numbers to fit the elitist agenda, and immediately the puppet masters go to work. While journalists partly ignore this gigantic scandal and partly write about the less interesting computer breach, scientists are out in force, reassuring us that manmade global warming is a fact. And politicians and know it all people are making statements from the Copenhagen summit like their very existence depend on it. Hush, don’t talk about reality, ignore the emails and the scandal, and sweep any opposition under the rug. For every day more people find out that there’s not a single evidence for the alarmists claims, which together with the latest indignity have shaken the very core of the privileged grotto. And have you read about that tree? Oh my, if you haven’t go further down and read my post on that subject.

But the climate swindle and all that comes with cannot hold a candle to what hoaxes they are throwing about in regards to the economy. The slightest sign of recovery is packaged in pink velvet paper, rapped with glowy golden rappers and sold with shimmering hail-Mary’s. Every month we get dozens of bad reports and horrid numbers; those are ignored or only partly shown. But the few so called “green shoots” are lifted as shiny happy symbols of prosperity.

And the worst military spending president in history fighting several wars and torturing people without any kind of due process gets a Nobel Peace Prize?

You cannot come up with this stuff.

Don’t kid yourself people, it’s a firesale going on. They are trying to milk us one last time - transferring control and money into the hands of the few, in essence allocating power for what’s to come. Certain banks are using their (yours) bail-out money to purchase large portions of the economy, privileged companies are putting up securities as walls against an unsuspected populace, and politicians are doing their part in making internet, the last bastion of freedom, into their fascist playground. While stupid borrowers are indebting themselves the printing-press is going clickety-click around the clock, effectively transforming the common man into a duped underprivileged state-controlled hobo.

Take a look at the banksters whom are resuming their carefree habits from the days of the credit boom leading up to our current debacle. Now they are back with a bonus-vengeance and this during an unprecedented money boom curtsey of banksters and elected criminals in suits. Again they are lending out to people that shouldn’t have any loans, again they are throwing money around and again the low interest rates are creating bubbles while very cheap money is handed out like candy. And consider bonuses, where banksters seem honestly perplexed by the notion that they should accept less because of a few unfortunate incidents now best forgotten. And investors seem to be aware they are in yet another bubble, however they seem not to care, and why should they? Either the state comes to the rescue or they file bankruptcy, either way the tab goes to costumers and tax payers and there’s always work to be found at another financial firm that has bribed enough legislatives. World markets have become so unstable that spotting and exploiting the next bubble has become the name of the game. So if doomsters warn that a bubble is forming, that is taken not as a threat but as a promise. Another way to make money, gain power and cheat honest people of their life-savings.

In this sense the conspiracists are absolutely right, banksters, big business and a few shadowy characters knowing the name of the game have no interest in eliminating the boom-and-bust cycles, on the contrary, for each and every scam every 5 to 10 years or so, they make hundreds of billions. They cannot lose. They make money on the way up; they make money on the way down. The only thing that don’t give them high earnings is a stable non-volatile market, so that’s what they try their very best to avoid.

Reviving the practice of so called dividend recaps, persuading central banks to keep interest rate down and encouraging more printing of money becomes means towards the endgame.

The pterodactyls are circling the carcass of humankind.

And as if the magic tricks they pull out of the hat in regards to the economy and the global warming hoax isn’t enough, they also go on the offensive when it comes to the last bastion of freedom, the Internet. You don’t need to walk around with a tin-foil hat to understand that these things are interlinked. He, who controls the flow of information, controls the world.

This time around, however, there’s a tiny flaw in their plan. The next time things crashes around us and the economy goes south, that will be the last time. And don’t mean in an apocalyptical way, not necessarily, what I mean is that the bubbles cannot be inflated anymore. Most countries have already gone way past their borrowing limit, the inflation is scary right now and can only get worse, and our producing capacity is actually going down. There are a lot of cornflake economists that claim that as long as GDP goes up, all is fine. Such insanity should render a padded cell, but instead politicians and most of you idiots listen. GDP don’t measure wealth as they want you to believe, it only measure the activity in the economy, any activity.

A summation of these facts and other fun things the elitists are up to can only mean one thing, and there’s no way around this – we are heading for a massive giant depression of the likes no one has ever seen. It doesn’t matter if it strikes next year as I believe or if it hits a couple of years down the road as most other “doomsayers” calculates, the end result is inevitable.

As I have stated before the coming depression can only be avoided by divine intervention or a new invention of world-changing proportions. It can also be hindered to a certain degree or at least shortened if we start doing the right thing now, but that won’t happen. The last time around we got a comical Austrian and a world war in addition to 15 years of economic disaster. This time it’s worse, a lot worse.

Some elitists know this and are stacking up, preparing, but most are as clueless as the idiots they rule. In the meanwhile the powers that be are doing their very best to worsen the situation with fictive claims about the environment and fascist laws comes to the internet at the same time as they are increasing our debts.

I’ve already started to hoard popcorn and vodka; the coming years are going to be hilarious

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