Thursday, December 31, 2009

Predictions for 2010 – Part III

Let’s see what the coming year have installed for us shall we.

During next year we already know more banksters and medical researchers will end up “committing suicide”. Probably a new record year. But we will also see a couple of high-up dignitaries get killed by (according to media; maniacs) some heroes finally doing something for peace and prosperity. One or two ‘good’ politicians will also end up dead, these, however, murdered by the elitist agenda.

An upswing in religiosity
Bad economy, more wars going on, terrorist organizations growing, 2012 approaching and a general feeling of slouching ethics among people will make more people move towards religion. However, this depends a bit where you live.

These guys will continue with the lying, they will continue to cover up the manmade global warming scam and they will continue to be good little spin-doctors to the elitists.

Going postal becomes ‘normal’
I’ve said this before, but it is necessary for you all to understand that the number of madmen going beserk and start shooting up some mall, office or whatever will increase during 2010. Normally we hear about one of these a month, I, the oracle, predict that we will see at least a 100% increase in such events.

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