Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Speaking of lying deceitful bastards

It seems that some politicians have been caught sending in petitions and bills that has been formed, written and sent to them by lobbyists. Apparently this is considered to be “news”. Why?

MPs have speech writers, they have secretaries doing most of the work, and they have committees and departments forming their opinions. Unions and companies are constantly knocking on their door, and most of the elected frauds have their own personal agendas they have invested interest in. So if they can get someone to write things for them that looks good, why not? It frees another couple of hours to play golf or fly first class to some retreat where they will hold one lecture and then eat and dine for taxpayer money.

Most politicians actually do work hard, which is one reason we have a problem because most of the time we don’t really know for whom they work. We can say for certain that it’s not the electorate and it’s definitely not for the country. Mainly for themselves or some group that is important to them. Sometimes, when it suits their pocket or idle afternoons, they work for lobbyists. Some may complain over this fact, I don’t, I complain over the very fact that politicians can decide over things that may let the lobbyists be successful. That’s the real problem.

If we had a situation whereas politicians couldn’t decide over milk or oil, there would be no reason for such companies to even try to bribe or control officials. Socialists argue that more statism would solve this problem - no it wouldn’t. The only thing that would change is the name of the person and organization coming over to bribe and control. Instead of Volvo knocking on the door offering treats, it would be ‘the people’s laundry company’. Instead of big oil it would be big left shoes.

The way to get rid of corruption and to make it disappear, is done cutting legislatorial power. As long as that is not done, you’ll just haft to accept vice, fraud and corruption as a way of life among the elite. Well, maybe buy some vodka as well, also a way of coping…

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