Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Great Gorgon Speak again

Telegraph: Speaking at an international summit on climate change in London, Mr Brownie said that world leaders must agree a deal to stop global warming.
He said failure to tackle the problem would not only result in hundreds of thousands of deaths every year due to floods and droughts, but a greater economic crisis than the recent recession.

So the, hairy ape of a man who likes to wear floral print dresses and garter belts, and fantasises about being anally gangbanged in the showers by a football team, have issued another decree on his quest to make himself out to be the savior of the universe.

Of all the madmen destroying everything they touch that has been rulers throughout the ages Gorgon of UK need to be among the top five. In fact, you cannot go wrong if you listen to this one-eyed Scottish wanker and do and think the complete opposite.
Again, this cannot be said enough time. There isn’t a single evidence for manmade global warming, not one, zilch, zip, nada. It does not exist. All the facts, all the real scientists and all the common sense say the contrary. So why do the enemies of the people continue argue for this scam? Because of two things, taxation and power.

Taxation because most countries have already passed the limit, even modern day man have his limit what he is willing to pay into the black hole of government. Thus they need to come up with a new scheme to pick our pockets, and what better way than to argue they are going to save our children, save the poor and help lots of animals?

Power because if we are scared, if we buy the doomsday scenarios, if we turn to the government to save us, their power grows. If the solution to any problem is government, they hold all the cards. In this quest it does not matter of they are left or right, which is the reason why the unison is so strong among the elitists.

What you all need to understand is that the very existence of this trickery makes people die. If the proper amount of energy isn’t used, if machines aren’t used and if we ban lots of second-hand cars and other things of cheap price, we are making those with no margins into the losers. The poor people of this world need to use more energy, not less. Every time Gorgon Brownie or any other foe says that we should save energy, what they are actually saying is that they like to see more people die from starvation. And it is all based on lies!

Manmade global warming is the biggest scam of all time. It only seems fitting that the worst leader of our time act as spokesperson.


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