Wednesday, September 30, 2009

So bored

I’m just sitting around waiting for the next couple of crashes. The thing that everyone should be concerned about is the very fact that we haven’t seen any more of those yet; the best thing that could happen is that things crashed now, not later. In other words, the longer we prolong the pain, the worse it’s going to get.

In the meanwhile I’m contemplating job offers. Have two of them at the moment, one in south of England, which is a good job, but UK seems like the worst place to be when the real mayhem starts, so I wonder I wonder. The other one is in Eastern Europe, probably going to take that one, if nothing else pops up.
Now, time for some porn.


  1. Why dont U read this instead....


  2. Haha... reminds me of those transport document the Nazis had regarding Jews wherein they exchanged "jew" with "good/s" and such which make it sound like they where transporting car-parts or something.

    Very funny... Thanks Daft