Thursday, October 8, 2009

The scapegoats are taking form

Yes the drug addled Cocaine snorters that runs media-companies and the sociopaths ruling us have, as it seems, finally concluded what caused the financial debacle. As I predicted over a year ago, they have decided that “greed”, “too much capitalism”, and “too few regulations” made the market crash.

There are still fringe elements blaming some elusive “Jewish conspiracy” or immigrants, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see our mainstream elitists pick up some of those threads (Muslims are always a good target) but mostly those notions are, at least right now, cast aside. Well, NeuLaubor have gone ahead wanting British jobs for British workers and so forth, but generally speaking our elected frauds aren’t as one-eyed as Gorgon Brownie.

This is, of course, not only falsely conclusions based on fictive assumptions, but also a way of further put in a wedge between people, creating more group-thinking and alas group against group fighting. If socialists keep fighting their boogiemen; the libertarians, while conservatives and free-market advocates blame communists, no one sees the ruling elite rubbing their hands together. Socialists get their dreamy pamphlet-thinking assured by journalists and when even so called “rightwing” politicians are blaming greedy businessmen, you know how totally screwed we really are. Others from the right-side defend those banksters and insatiable entrepreneurs, more out of a reflex rather than actual thought. Socialism is evil; hence those people socialists are blaming are good people. And the media is only saying its socialists thrashing, its only anarchist throwing rocks, its only red-neck idiots resisting the New World Order.

It’s all a scam.

You need to get it. The whole scheme is very crafty. Politicians have worked the kind of mojo where anyone who sees their little presto-change-o instantly forgets. How? Thanks to evil-doing pundits and those tranquilizers we call journalists. They flood the information-flow with notions of what the elitist agenda wants us to think, useless teachers and know-it-all people then confirms this swindle.

There’s hope, some at least. There are people, like yours truly, that being somewhat cunning in 6th grade math and having an IQ above shoe-size, that stands immune. It’s not only totalitarian ideologies that are gaining recognition; libertarians are also having a bit more of the spotlight. I have also noticed that more and more people of all backgrounds and political persuasions are seeing through the trickery. Seldom have I felt such kinship with socialists and anarchists, people are starting to wake up, but are they leaving the slumber too late? Will it be enough? And will they do the right thing?

And more and more among the general public are starting to realize that something is wrong with this picture, most of them don’t really know why, it’s just an uneasy tension in the bones, a small glimmer up ahead, an uneasy feeling, but they feel it, they have noticed it, something isn’t right.

I think our enemies have moved to fast, I think they needed to. Two things have forced their hand; firstly I believe there are several agendas being played at the same time. As I have stated before, there isn’t a plot, there is several of them, being masterminded by, not one group as some conspiracists believe, but at least two of them, probably more. Competition among thieves and robbers. Secondly, and so important, the Internet happen. Very abruptly, just over a decade billions of people could reach each other instantaneously, information that never reached us before or ever was intended to reach us was suddenly available for everyone. Bloggers and the free independent media spits out facts, alternative viewpoints and reveals the true agenda, and our enemies have been one step behind ever since, only managing to do cover-ups. They had to act, they needed to perform now. This is why it’s so important for the elitists to control internet. The more online chatter and the more informed people are, the bigger the threat to their hidden agenda.

The journalists who write what you read feel secure enough in their own elite, establishment role to lay their totalitarian beliefs on the line in columns and, as the newspaper’s editor and owners are content to see such material published, one must presume that they also were not averse to seeing such Brave New World order barf imposed upon the dumb, public herd. It’s starting to get obvious; people are starting to smell the dung.

Because of this, we have a shot. They have moved too soon, there is still enough information available for free. With a simple calculator anyone can find out that they are lying about equities, that they are lying about not manipulating the markets, that they are lying about “green shoots”, and that they are lying about their scapegoats. You can find this out, don’t take my word as truth for a second - check it out for yourself. And if you think I’m a idiot, as I’m sure some of you do, call me on it, prove me wrong, find the facts that exposes me as the fraud you think I am. But when you find out I, as many others, are right, have predicted this crisis long before it happened, knew what would happen and still know what’s going to happen next. When this has really sunken in, you better take action, promptly. There isn’t much time; the next step in this scheme is already in the works.

And if there aren’t enough of you waking up in time, please, please, please remember that there were those who told you what’s what. It wasn’t capitalism failing, it wasn’t communism failing, it wasn’t the immigrants, the Muslims or terrorist that did all this to us; it was them, the elitists, our enemies, the enemy class.

When you finally wake up, in time or too late, target the real criminals: the politicians, the journalists, the economists, the banksters, the pundits and all the rest of the mainstream arses.

I’m curiously looking forward to the idiots defensive speeches so please record or write some of those down. I want to save it all for a scrap-book to hand out to the next generation, so our children and grand children knows what really transpired during these very frightening years.


  1. I'm sorry to say, it's all to late.
    Nothing gonna stop Their Plan.
    We are now very close to the final phase and it's gonna be ugly.
    I like your anger and fightingspirit though, but I'm sad to say, you're not gonna make a difference....

  2. Oh, I know. Making a difference? Pfff… I think you have read to little of my ramblings. I gave up a long time ago, but I still find it nice to tell people what’s what. And, besides, it’s a kind of therapy. The whole thing is very amusing, well, you need vodka to see all the funnies, but it’s still entertaining.