Thursday, October 8, 2009

And then the sun came up

To blame public television wherein 99% of all employees are true believers of socialism to being partial for the leftie agenda is as useful as saying that you can get burned by lava-flow or that the sun comes up in the East.

Anyone with half a brain already knows that publicly founded TV and radio is a heaven for a certain agenda, and people that has watched news on those channels and compared it to reality will never trust anything those lying bastards says.

A journalist is useless at best, they are lazy regime-faithful elitists, but at those publicly owned stations they take it to the next level, openly distorting facts and only pick and chose the “news” that fits their agenda. I cannot even watch those channels, not even for educational purposes, it’s just too much, it makes my stomach twist. The lying bowel movements that makes out that part of the enemy class is so horrifying that not even the potential laughter at all the lies can cover up the nausea you feel while watching it.

I was once asked, while I was still in league with the power elite and active politician, what the most important thing a “right” government could do. My immediate response was to eliminate all things public about media. As long as there is publically owned media corporations and certain papers get government support, while others doesn’t, true freedom and justice can never be reached. They are too good liars and too recognized among the sheople for being allowed to spread their hatred. This is also one of reason our enemies, in this case journalists, don’t care too much about the new fascist Internet-laws. A totalitarian Internet works in their favor, no alternative media.


  1. poor sucker, you need a shot of reality.

  2. In what regard? There's nothing wrong with my ramblings, as usual I tell the truth, in opposite to the media.