Sunday, October 18, 2009

Help Us Make History!

Not evil? Well, I don't agree with that, there is evil behind this Global warming scam and every little idiot out there that buys this crap should get hanged. You are killing people! Fucking morons!

In either case, watch this if you can:


As I have said before, this is an intelligence test. If you have fallen for this trickery, you are an idiot. Very simple. Believe in what the lying alarmist say, and you are an idiot with the intellect of a single-celled organism.

Until later this evening (or 2morrow morning) you can watch this movie that exposes more of this fraud:


  1. Junk. Crap. No one in his right mind can believe this shit. Lord Monckton knows absolutely nothing - even less than nothing! - about the subject. And as for the nameless guys in "Not evil just wrong": who cares about their completely uninformed opinions?

  2. I'm a bit confused if you are an idiot or if you understand that Manmade Global warming is a fraud? In either case, I do still offer £100 to anyone providing a single evidence of this lunacy.

  3. Perhaps Al Gore is not evil, he just has a dirty imagination. Dee Snider and a hearing with Al Gore in the days