Sunday, October 18, 2009

The greatest of all depressions

The coming week(s) are kind of interesting for us that know economy. Looking at next month or so we can predict whether the markets will crash very soon, a half a year into the future or about 2 years from now, so I’m kind of pumped up.

Of course media focuses on next week, since the stock market plunged 24/25th of October 1929 and many other crashes have happened in October, and in particular during this equivalent coming week. Now, this isn’t that surprising, the figures dropping in about this time of the year are not only good measurement of the year that just passed, but can also be used to predict the coming year. This means that equity markets and pundits are a bit worried this time of the year, easier to spook and more likely to go into a selling mood.

However, since media are writing about this very phenomenon and since the fraudulent banksters in Evil Incorporated; Goldman Sachs, and other frauds, has come out with pretty good numbers (fictive ones that is), I suspect things will run smoothly. There will be some good earnings from certain companies, banks will most likely show very good improvements in general (FRAUDS!!) and among other companies we will see some going up and some going down. Most likely will export companies in general go badly, but otherwise things will be “good enough” for our enemies to, once again, give thumbs up and talk about the end of the recession.

If this happens, which is the most likely scenario, things will be kept hidden until February/march when the commercial real-estate markets in the US and housing in the UK will start to crumble. And since stock markets are ridiculously over-priced at the movement (check the video further down for some basic economics), there is a very high probability of a crash, smash and boom somewhere around March/April of next year, dates I’ve been arguing is the end of the line for many years now. It is also hard to see how the USD can be kept up longer than that.

The way our enemies can avoid this is to use the last reserves, borrow even more money and let that funny printing machine spit out some more trillions, all in unison i.e. collaboration between our enemies and countries. In other words; more stimulus and more bail-outs. Such taken actions need to come soon to paper over and hide the true state of the economy further. At the same time it is necessary to continue the trickery so you, the idiots, carry on believing in Santa and the tooth-fairy. The souring unemployment will most likely be the argument they will use to argue for this next phase of insanity. If they do this, they might, as long as nothing out of the ordinary happens, keep the scam rolling for another year or so.

The risk of the real crash happening already now is very slim, but you cannot rule it out. And as I’ve stated before, there will be a horrific X-mas but the scam will not be revealed until the time has come after the 1Q next year. IF there is more massive stimulus, we get another year of building the depression.

Here you should know that in many countries the state of the economy is much worse today than it was in the 20s. We have already passed the “great depression” in badness, and the longer this madness continues, the worse it’s going to get. So IF we get another year or two, you’ll better start kissing your friends and relatives goodbye, that’s how bad it’s going to be. You should be rooting for a horrible dip now and keeping your fingers crossed for lots of bad numbers that crashes the economy.

In other words, the coming weeks will be very fun.

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