Friday, September 25, 2009

The plot keeps growing

Gorgon Brownie, Prime Mentalist of UK, is out saving the world again. He has somehow, together with the World Bank and the taskforce on International Innovative Finance for Health Systems, managed to dig deep into the pockets of his fellow countrymen (borrowed more) and found a $5.3 billion financing package aimed at providing a very costly temporarily healthcare system to Malawi, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nepal and Burundi.

In the world of the enemy class this is quoted as “rolling back fees” and, of course, “benefiting millions of women and children in some of the world’s poorest countries”. Journalists reporting about the Scottish Santa and his poisonous gift are saying this is equal to “Providing free healthcare”.

The demon bitch from hell, Barbara shortStocking, chief executive of Oxfam GB, said: “We finally may have won a battle, a rather serious battle, about user fees preventing poor people from getting healthcare.”

So… the fact that these people have no money isn’t the problem, the fees are? Riiiiight…

The richer part of the world are subsidizing their own farmers and industries, in addition to throwing bail-outs around to keep them floating, which makes many equivalent industries in poorer countries none-existent. We pay under-prices for these poor people’s goods and services and we advocate basically the same principles of politics as their totalitarian leaders. Environmentalists and our great leaders then goes on a rampage against manmade global warming which in effect is the same as condemning more people to poverty. The same scheme is used to keep manipulated crops of the market, just so some more millions of people can starve to death. After that we give the totalitarian leaders of these countries weapons and billions in “aid” so they can keep mansions and stay in power, theeeen Gorgon and his marry men of thieves steps in to save the day providing “free” healthcare” temporarily… If this isn’t pure evil, it’s hard to see what is.

I wonder how long that money will last? Half a year? A year perhaps? And after that? As I interpret this plot, the money is meant as an incentive to the government in those countries to continue with the founding after the initial x-mas gift is gone. Yeah… that will work out perfectly...

Another interesting thing is that this money includes a pledge of $3 billion from the online travel industry. I wonder if that money is on top of the money we rich idiots already are spending in those countries? Also I wonder were the hell people that are losing their jobs faster than Gorgon can spit out more lies will get the money? Finally I also wonder who wants to go to those countries in the first place, except for child molesters and gun traders that is.

This is just another example of how our enemies are gathering, consolidating their power, spreading their evil and continues to fuck us all.

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