Friday, September 25, 2009

New World Order and G20

It was just a matter of time I guess. Even Swedish newspapers are starting to talk about a new economic world order now, well, they are handed those headlines, but still. I don’t know whether to cry or just pack my bags faster, but it is clear that those conspiracists are getting closer to being right for each day that passes.

One additional economic decision I haven’t mentioned yet coming out of the G20 is the shift of balance of power at the IMF, where mainly China will claim a more elevated position.

However, lots of more amusing stuff is handed down to us mere mortals from the privileged at the G20.

Funniest, at least in short term, is the buildup surrounding Iran. The usual suspects have all come together in a unison condemnation of that Muslim smurf Ahmadinejad and the supposed “nuclear threat”. Even the pickpocket in chief hosting the meeting, whom earlier been very restricted in saying to much towards the Iranian regime, is issuing harsh critic. And since the only “positive” number in the American economy at the moment is an increase in defense orders (up 14.8% from last year when that warmongering chimp was in charge) and more US troops being sent to the area, one can suspect one or two things. Even the Russians are getting onboard, probably as part of the deal the messianic head of state did when he agreed to cut back on missile defense-systems in Eastern Europe.

Oh, I’m just nibbling away at my popcorn at the moment listening to the protests live from Pittsburg and hoping to hear some more hilarious stuff. The whole situation reminds me a lot of the Adenoid Hynkel –character and that great movie from 1940, well, with a touch of Winston Smith mixed in there.

Fun fun fun…


  1. Fun indeed. You seem to have a pretty good flow of info coming your way. Do you have any advice regarding good and uncensored newssites/feeds/channels..?

    Thank you

  2. Check out my list of newsstation and such to the right. I usually use some or all of those. U gotto remember to use several sources, which is most important. Other blogs are also a good way of finding information. And stay away from the worst tabloids, they are useless.

    Basically, the most critized ones are often the best ones. Fox news, Huffinton post, Infowars etc. And if you find a good news or some information, search for it. Get the report direct and read it, don't trust any media, they never read such things.


  4. I’m sorry, but apparently Americans are pussies.

    This is the least violent protest, with the least amount of people against G20 I have ever seen. And US citizens do have both the constitution and the one of the worst situations of all countries, still hardly nothing.

    I’m very disappointed. Americans like their hamburgers and their television, but not much more.


    End The Fed

  6. Oh Anonymous! That made my day. Fantastic. Great stuff. :)))