Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The mildest flu-year in decades?

Our loveable and sooo well educated journalists that only want what’s best for all of us keep spreading lies about the Swine Flu. There are so many facts out there that tells us that this flu is pretty much harmless, and unless a mutation happens soon we can already now, today, discard this “pandemic” and this year as one of the lest deadly flu-years ever recorded.

Again I need you all to visit Junkfood Science – a place of facts, not scaremongering.

“In reality, the pandemic H1N1 variant has proven to remain far less virulent (milder) than the seasonal flu, as evidenced in Australia and the United States. As of last week, the total number of influenza-related deaths in the United States — including from the H1N1 pandemic — have remained below epidemic levels and resulted in 2009 being the mildest flu year in more than a decade.”

Junkfood Science



  2. the only ppl who die from swine flue are already almost dead (cancer/hiv/lack of lungs). so us normal living ppl have nothing to fear.