Wednesday, September 9, 2009


On this afternoon some reporters are writing that the Swedish currency, Kronan (SEK) has reached a new high for the year against the USD. The Swedish currency dropped against the Euro, for example, but that is largely ignored. Also, today, the dollar dropped to the weakest level in almost a year against the currencies of the six major US trading partners.

Here is a newsflash for you idiots at the media; it was the dollar that weakened! Not the SEK that got stronger. And that is what you should write. In fact, with this in mind, the Krona actually got weaker! Not stronger. Morons.

I am not the only one that has been predicting the shortcomings of the USD and how it will continue to lose value the more time that passes. And people have been saying that for years, so this is not news, it’s just another reference point. As long as the Chinese, Japanese and some others still need the USD, it will keep a decent level. But as soon as other currencies or other things with value have been purchased to replace the dollar, the real fall will happen. And we are not taking about 20%-30% lower levels against today, we are taking total annihilation. In two years from now the USD will exist no longer. What this does to equities, commodities and other things that have a strong relationship with the dollar, a child can figure that out. Say bye bye to cheap oil, these low levels of Gold and Silver values, and hello to another world.

I wonder when any of those spin-doctors at the media are going to work for a living? There are plenty of stories to “break” for the one who does…

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