Monday, September 21, 2009

Do you understand economics?

Well, the headline may be more accurate if you exchange the word “economics” with the word “math”, but the Market ticker have a nice little test for you to do. This test is recommended to a large extent to economic majors, finance Mentalists and banksters, but you as a layman should also read it through a couple of times. If you do not really grasp the economic language, think of it as basic math.

Looking around Europe, this is the place we are heading as well. Not really as bad as in the US, yet, however, the road is clear and the further down it we are when these bubbles in the American economy bursts, the worse the coming debacle will be. Right now we are already passed the levels of the Great Depression, imagine where we will be in a year from now…

Looking at my native homeland, Sweden, the similarities between US 2 years ago and Sweden today is striking. The same low (but even lower in today’s Sweden) interest rates, the same printing of money, the same loose policy for the banking system - in Sweden few banks with lots of trouble - and the same (but higher) amount of borrowing both from the private as well as the public sector. Add to this high unemployment and the coming collapse of several markets in the US, UK and so forth, and you need to start looking in the book of revelations to find proper adjectives.

If you are an economist or want to understand why this crisis isn't over: Check out this post

Let’s see if you whom have a degree in economics understand math and economics. Otherwise I recommend what Mr. Denninger does, hand back your diploma and start flipper burgers instead (highly recomended for central bank-people and the Finance Department) so you do not help out with the destruction of the economy.

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  2. I fail to see how this would make me either to lose or what it has to do with this posting. I let it stand to show your stupidity, but please keep in mind to keep your comments to the content of the actual post.

    And since the socialist ass-hole in question is hiding behind his fascist friends and making hateful speeches that may lead to civil war, I would say the Honduran people are the losers. Also the entire world community that has supported this dictator wannabe is the winners; with all people of the world the biggest losers. This is the worst thing that has happened to a people I can think of, even a bigger disappointment, looking at the “democratic” world than when they let Hitler come to power.