Monday, September 21, 2009

The Climate deception

As I have pointed out before, there is not a single evidence for manmade global warming causing any sort of problem; in fact there isn’t even evidence for the existence of manmade global warming. We can only assume that man has some slim miniscule impact, but the fact is we don’t know. On the contrary, all the scientific evidence and all real reports seem to suggest the opposite of what the environmentalists are saying.

And my £100 to anyone that produces a single evidence for what the alarmists are saying still stands. Would love to see any of you idiots try to get that money.

So it is with a degree of satisfaction I have noticed that more and more people are waking up and smelling this, the biggest scam of all time. For instance in Copenhagen an alternative climate-meeting is going to be held at the same time as the elitists, tricksters and fraudulent liars have theirs.

This is really a check of intellect that beats any Mensa-test. Anyone that believes in this obvious scam is an idiot, plain and simple. Are you an idiot?


  1. My tomatoes are brilliant this year

    I claim £100

  2. My parent’s tomatoes haven’t even turned red yet, and soon the snow comes where they reside. I think I keep that £100... Good try though, much better than any tree-hugging freak I have talked to.

  3. You'll soon be able to ship goods between Europe and Japan because the icelayer over the Artic Ocean thins dramatically each year.

  4. Actually it dosen't. According to recent data, both polar caps are growing. So those dear pulling your stack of packages can travel inland soon, instead of flying.