Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yet another lie (and many more)

Another fine little lie our enemies is spreading today is the Report on Durable Goods Manufacturers’ Shipments, Inventories and Orders for July 2009 (USA). According to several journalists, that does not read or care what’s actually in the report, is writing today that the surprising increase with 4.9% in total is another good sing that the crisis is halting or turning around. But you know what, IF you actually dig into that report (you can find it here) several interesting facts pops up.

Firstly, a large portion of that increase is thanks to the ‘cash for clunkers’-programme. This is little plot to make more people buy cars for borrowed money that gets subsidized by the government (also borrowed money) means that perfectly good cars get exchanged or even scraped for a new ones. This might sound good and dandy, but of course its not. All those cars that otherwise students or other people with low income might buy, is now getting tossed away. And people actually buying cars are the very same people that have been pondering on such a purchase anyway hence in the near future, when the programme ends; there is a very high probability of big drops in sales. Also, the government extra money is taxable, which makes it oh so funny, and means that people don’t get as much out of the deal as they thought. Sometimes it’s even doubled tax, both federal and state tax. And as said, this programme will come to an end very soon…

But maybe the funniest bit of this little scam is the 14.8% increase in defence orders. How about that? In fact, even compared to last year, when that warmongering Chimp was in charge, it’s still an increase! Obama is a peace loving man? Pffff….

I can go on with some other bits and pieces, but the facts are very clear people. Either it’s temporarily gains through government borrowing and spending, or its war material going to foreign lands to help “defend democracy”. And there is NO real increase!

But how about the lows? The dips? Where do we find those?

Oh, hilarious enough inventory continues down. Minus 0.8% in July. And unfilled orders also continue down. In other words, the important part of building a sustainable growth is showing worse results in the report than earlier months. Or to emphasize it further; the report is, for the larger part, A NEGATIVE SIGN!

How long are you going to let moronic journalist keep throwing this kind of stupidity around? When will you call our enemies on this scam? How long will you keep getting fooled?

There is no recovery, it cannot be, the math and reality doesn’t lie. 1+1=2 and 2-1=1, always.

The further our enemies are allowed to carry on, the worse it’s going to get, and its already past Great Depression bad. We are so royally screwed that we need to start to invent new adjectives to describe it, and that’s now! Imagine half a year or a year from now… oh my, oh my…

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