Wednesday, August 26, 2009


And so died the last little hope I had that the Swedish government would do the right thing. Instead of cutting expenses and putting money to good use through lower taxation, the "centre-right" (In reality socialdemocrats) idiots have decided to throw SEK 3,9 billion on useless “programmes” and SEK 4.5 Billion on pointless “extra” education. Education might be a good thing, but in reality all those with brains knows how most of those education places will look like and consequently another waste of tax money. And hurling SEK 600 million at unemployment offices? They can burn the money as an alternative, would be better for everyone.

Someone may argue that the money should go to hiring government employees instead. Although this might temporarily be a better solution since it is actually a job, we need to leave that sort of thing to the market. If their competence is needed, they will find a job. Also a government employee is often a liability and a cost so the contribution is very slim at best. In fact, one thing that is needed is to get rid of a couple of hundred thousands working for government institutions.

Despite some headlines recently, Sweden stands much better equipped than most other countries to tackle the depression, and by doing the right thing and really tighten the belt and prepare things would look very good, but instead the government fall into the populist trap. And, of course, the lefty’s crazy spokespersons cry for much more of the same loony wastefulness.

Ask yourself, where does the money that pays for all this come from? Santa? God? Every programme, every expenditure and every SEK meant to help the people are paid by the people. In the process, going from your pocket to politicians and back to your pocket, it feeds devouring bureaucrats and state officials. The state taketh away, and the state giveth some back.

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  1. Plenty of reasons to stay away! Too keen to copy (and please) the big boys... ..that's the problem.