Friday, August 7, 2009

Obamination posters

What started with a posters turning up all over Los Angeles has now gone into overdrive and now people are finding these everywhere.

Me, I find this kind of offensive. They have taken a white man with a dubious sociopathic character with criminal behavior and turn him into something much much worse. That poor Joker fellow does not deserve being depicted in this manner. The Joker cannot hold a candle to one of the worst criminals in human history. Can the Obaminations psychotic behavior be stopped? Maybe with some more research, but it would be better with some led treatment.

However, it is fun to see the American people - some of them at least - waking up and refusing to submit. The Obamination is now the least favored president this far into his presidency compared to all other presidents before. No wonder he is building his own private army and has FEMA building camps all over the US. Something really bad is going to happen in US of A and I cannot wait for the funny mayhem and bloodshed to start.

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  1. Apparently people can win prizes now to:

    Contest winner prizes:
    First Place: $1000
    Second Place: $500
    Third Place: $200
    Honorable mention receives an original Alex Jones “Obama as Hitler” artwork