Friday, August 7, 2009

Adults need a spanking

After the New Zeeland’s referendum regarding child discipline a similar debate has emerge in my home country Sweden. Although very few advocating reinstatement of child disciplinary of the physical kind, the debate is at least on the table. In New Zeeland the discussion is about balancing child protection and family subsidiarity – the ability of families to make decisions for themselves without undue government interference. In Sweden it is more of psychological character i.e. how it affect the child’s mental status – in other words, are we going to abuse our kids into psychopathic behavior or not. A huge difference on the basic debating issue. And this is about penalties towards kids, aren’t there bigger fishes to fry?

Me, I’m thinking it should be the other way around. Stealing your neighbors toys, smashing a window or not eating your food might be a penal offence, but what about willfully selling out our future? How about voting for, rooting for and demonstrating for fascism? How about not standing up and protecting the young against internet restrictions? Adults might think they love their kids, but do they really?

Parents all over the globe have been, are right now, and most likely will continue to support a policy that is leading us towards utter destruction. Our collective debts are souring, mortgaging our future. Our laws are expanding, making us into slaves to the government. The ones that really deserve a proper spanking are the generation(s) that has destroyed children’s future. All of you out there that vote for, support and sponsor the expanding socialization and bankruptcy of our countries, you are criminals and the true child abusers. Parents everywhere are idiots and will, quite possibly, bring forth the very destruction of their young.

This little tune cannot be played enough:

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