Friday, August 21, 2009

Israel threatens Sweden

Again I need to question the sensibility and intellect of the Israeli idiots. First of all, when you are surrounded by a couple of hundred of millions Arabs and Muslims whom, to a large degree, wants to eliminate your nation, do you really pick a fight with a country thousand miles away over a news article? Secondly, doesn’t Sweden have enough skin-heads and other leftie ass-holes who hate Israel already - which make it unnecessary to create new ones? Because this is what those moronic Jews are doing. As mentioned, in a stupid part of the world, Israel is the least stupid part and I would argue that an overwhelming majority of Swedes support the Jewish people, even when they bomb schools. This situation, however, is a perfect example of how to turn friends and a generally positive opinion into so so enemies and a generally negative opinion.

How can the supporters of Israel’s existence argue their case when all their opponents need to do is throw out how the Jewish mafia wants to limit free speech?

A couple of newspapers and statements now suggest that the Israeli state department might take to the diplomatic offensive and condemn Sweden even further and/or even might block Swedish dignitaries to visit their country. Oh, and maybe they will cut of all supplies of oranges?

Israel should go and fight some terrorists instead, that they do a pretty good job at, diplomacy not so much.

And I still want to see an independent investigation into this matter so we either can tell the Jewish government to piss off and pick up their own mess or we can start stoning that stupid journalist. I would prefer the later since that paper and those journalists are leftie morons with their own agenda (the whole thing is probably a lie), but as long as Israel keep picking fights they cannot win against people that actually believe in free speech, they deserve every ‘fuck you’ they get.


  1. If Nazisrael denies something it is most probably true

    I cetanly don't mind cutting off all ties with that so called nation

  2. You are terribly wrong! When ju think that we Swedes support jewish people! We support justice and freedom , not corruption and apartheid!

  3. not to argue semantics or anything but aftonbladet isnt a "leftie" newspaper, its quite the opposite, its partly own by LO for gods sake ;O

  4. Aftonbladet is a extremley "leftie" newspaper Anonymous...

  5. I sometimes just can't stop myself from admiring the "state" of Israel. I mean for a country this small, in a place so rough and with it seeking trouble with so many countries on daily basis it's remarkable that it has survived this long.

    Either way, all nations eventually fall, Israel is no different. But if they don't start behaving, they will fall soon.

  6. Anonymous 2:
    Yes we do all the time, in our own country as well as in others. And Israel is backed by most Swedes. You would know this is you picked you ass up from one of those communists pamphlets.

    Anonymous 3:
    Aftonbladet as well as every other paper in Sweden belongs to the far left. I cannot mention a single journalist that is actually right, can you?

    Yepp, I agree.

  7. Never, ever found a nation based on religion

    It will always end in tears

  8. Which nation today is not founded partially or fully on the notion of religion?

    And you are right, so were does that leave us?

  9. 8 comments, usually none, when the topic truly is important.
    "I believe that people on this planet, generally speaking, are a very brainless bunch. Most individuals do not use their intellect"

  10. Apocalypse: Gosh! You are an iranian jew! Pretending to be swede! So terribly sad.Poor creature!

    My friends told me that, I've never been to Sweden, but in the name of free speech I can report this rumor.
    Just like your newspaper repeats the words of Palestinians.

    Do you understand now the difference between reporting and libel?

    Cheers from Israel.

  12. Anonymous:

    I wonder if anyone ever made a worse "point" in the history of mankind.

    Anyway, you have totally missed what free speech means. It means that a nazi can demonstrate and argue his case. It means that a palestinian can write that all jews are idiots, it means that you can argue that all swedish females are whores - which is not true by the way, they don't take your money, whith the exception for a couple of drinks, which is the definition of a hooker...

    And in any case, don't you agree that is would be better for Israel to debunk this story rather than to puff up and scream stupidities?

  13. Aftonbladet is the worst newspaper in sweden, by far. They specialize in writing about celebrities sexlife and lying about football results. All swedes know this and an article in aftonbladet has about as much impact as a rotten cherry smashing into a brick wall.
    And now, because Israel is trying to censor swedish media, they are the champions of free speech agains an oppressive foreign power. Amazing.

  14. Sanjassi:

    Exactly, couldn't have said it better myself.

  15. Isn't it possible that David (Israel) needs a Goliath for it's identity? I think Israel needs to pick fights and make enemies for it's own self image. "Everybody's against us, just like they've allways been, so we don't have to treat them with respect. Eye for an eye".

  16. Israel also kill Palestinians children and make piano-keyboards out of their teeth... HAHA What stupid people live there in Sweden, it's amazing :)

    Spezi from Germany

  17. Yeah and all germans follow Bild(Zeitung) like a religious text.

  18. Hey Israeli Anonymous, What's so wrong with being a whore? Everyone who's working a day job they cannot stand is a whore. I love my job, but for the right amount of money, I'd be willing and able to suck cock! It's all a matter of money.

    On the Israeli front, they chose to attack Swedish constitution, so excuse my french, please all you Israelites who give a damn about this pissing contest, go fuck yourselves.
    Or come here, gimme sick amounts of cash, and I'll do it for you :)