Thursday, August 20, 2009

Idiot Jews and stupid Muslims

There is no secret what I think of religion and I also believe that both sides in the Israel-Palestinian conflict are messed-up idiots. Since I know how to fix that conflict - it is very easy - but no one will ever listen I kind of just ignore all those morons. Fraudulent Banksters stealing our money and politicians imposing more fascist laws close to home seem more urgent

However, when some Muslim idiots complain over Muhammad drawings or scream over some football-supporters singing I need to call them on it. The same goes for Israeli fascists that condemn some leftie journalist writings in a Swedish Newspaper. The Journalist in question argued that some Jewish soldiers or whatnot is selling Palestinian organs on the black market. It wouldn’t surprise me if that is spot on; however, the idiot journalist has his own agenda so it’s probably not true. In either case it is his right, as well as anyone else’s, to write, say or express whatever he/she wants to. And what really bugs me is this stupid notion of the holocaust that always pops up every time you criticize Jews or Israel. Like Jews are not idiots? However horrifying the holocaust was, that occurrence is not a battering ram to use as a reacquiring excuse whenever Israelis fuck things up. So when Israel criticize a Swedish newspaper and demand that the Swedish State department should apologize on the behalf of freedom of speech; all the Jewish idiots are doing is giving the lefties all the ammunition they need to criticize even more and they also get more people on their side. Yes, the lefties are anti-Semite and hate Jews, what else is new? And yes, Swedish journalists in general don't like Israel, nothing new there either. Are Jews going to tell us the Sun is hot next? It is incredibly moronic to act in this way by Israel and if one ever needed a clear sign of Jewish stupidity, there you have it.

And where is that proof from either side? All the Israeli needs to do is do an independent investigation and the journalist in question can be ridiculed. But instead they seemingly go on the offensive and so far I haven’t seen any proof of what the journalists wrote are untrue. However, the ass-hole journalist should of course also be liable and actually show some facts instead of rely on very sketchy Palestinian propaganda. The whole story seems very unnecessary, which might be the point…

As usual everyone is blaming, shouting and arguing some crap about crap in a crappy world that is filled with crappy religions and crappy journalists. When will people wake up, smell the manure and really do something about this messed up world?


  1. Amen with some positive thinking on top

  2. Lefties are anti-semite? What are you smoking? That is some crazy paranoia

    First you complain about how the israeli's always pull the holocaust cards and THEN you can't distinguish between not liking israel (which most lefties don't, on account of it being an imperialistic little strip of occupied territory) and being anti-semite

    show some consistency man

  3. jews are news!

  4. Anonymous:

    I don’t like Israel, but I don’t go around burning their flag, stopping tennis games or throw stones around. I don’t support or give money to terrorist organisations that sell Mein Kampf and wants to destroy all Jews in existence. I don’t get blinded by Palestinian propaganda and I also acknowledge that out of all stupidities in that region, Israel is the least stupid thing.
    That’s the difference between not liking something and being hatful and anti-semit. Lefties everywhere, from Nazis to communists are anti-israel, anti-Jew and Anti-semit. This is a fact and that’s what I’m writing.

  5. Jews always go "remember the 6 million"...what about the 23 million Russians? Israel do pull that holocaust card a lot, and I for one, am sick of it. There's no denying the horror of it all, but damn, it's more than half a century ago!