Sunday, July 12, 2009

Why freedom is loosing

All over the world people keep protesting, every summit meeting seams to come with clashes with police and “street-parties” always seem to end in bloody battles and burning cars. The silent majority, however, is sitting at home swearing and cursing these hooligans wanting the police to use even more force. But when demonstrations and rallies go on in some distant land with a more openly oppressive regime people seem more willing to support the protesters. Maybe some abiding – and normally quiet – citizens even will write a letter to the local newspaper voicing their anger over how seemingly peaceful protesters are being shot. And this is our problem in a nut shell. I believe this apathy from “normal” people is one of the main reasons why our civil- and political liberties are deteriorating more and more. It is not wrong confronting the police, it is not wrong destroying building or setting things on fire, it is not wrong doing the dance of revolution. What’s wrong is that those normally doing those sorts of things are the ones that actually shouldn’t complain and the people that have things to rally against do nothing. The rioters are normally left wing extremists complaining about left wing policies. In a world were collectivism is king and stateism is regarded as a virtue it is hard to see how lefties can complain. Sure, okay, we do not have pink fluffy communism so those protesters probably want to force society closer to happier places like North Korea or bring back joyful paradises like the Soviet Union or Pol Pots Cambodia, but with massive taxation, regulations from our birth to the grave and not even having our bedrooms left alone, there is hard to see any reason for the left to complain.

The other group that keep ending up in the news as representatives for the “right” is neo-Nazis and fascists that also have a recurring notion about violence. Often enough these boneheads are regarded as scapegoats by their kinsmen – the lefties – that, in turn, claims that some violence is necessary to stop the “far right”. Both groups, however, believe in huge governments and total control of citizens. The only real difference is that the “far right” is more open about their true agenda.

In the meanwhile almost every government on the planet is now doing the entire job for these groups’ taking us one blissful step at the time towards totalitarianism: Big companies cannot fail – lets save them with enormous loans and lets print some money! Banks cannot falter – lets save those with government checks and some more newly printed money! And internet is bad, people are talking about the truth and sending news faster than the old controlled media, we cannot have that, let’s impose restrictions! And people might find child-pornography online, horrid thought; let’s ban sites all over the world! In the meanwhile we can let the old media keeping focus on some dead singer, a harmless flu, some scary animals, some singing babies and a man that pretends to be gay. And for God’s sake, always make the media say/write that the crisis is halting; we are seeing “green shoots”! During all this we can artificially keep interest rates down and keep pumping those funny notes into the economy that people use as “money” for some reason. Doing this creates more bubbles and those are always fun. Finally we need to restrict and impose hundreds of more laws on the already overcontrolled financial sector. We are using the financial sector and some rich people as scapegoats… shoosh don’t tell anyone…

And you, the people, buy this crap, as you always do. Our freedoms hardly exist at all anymore and totalitarianism is creeping closer for every day that passes and to be honest, it is the peoples own damn fault. If you idiots don’t realize what is going on and do a real rebellion aimed at those really responsible for our predicament, the totalitarians will soon have won and this time it is hard to see any way of turning back. We are so deeply in shit and hardly anyone smells it. If you are one of those that actually have a sense of smell, get a gun, you are going to need it sooner or later.


  1. You can either stock up on canned food, guns and shotgun shells, or you can do something that gives your intellect a greater challenge; you can talk with your fellow man.

    When you present the facts on any matter in a slow and convincing way, even the most extreme example of a stupid, lazy, Swedish, peoples-beer-(:-)drinking sports nut will come to his sences and see the truth.

    The greatest tragedy is never the lack of ability amongst the stupids, but rather the lack of leadership among the ones who know better! Keep up! :-)

  2. "Finally we need to restrict and impose hundreds of more laws on the already overcontrolled financial sector".

    Hows that housing-crash working out for you? Truth is, economists are clueless and without laws to somehow reel them in crashes like these are only going to get worse.

    Truly free markets only works in small, monopoly free economies. This has been proven over and over and over again.

  3. Fjölentrof:

    I do not believe in explaining things to people, they either don’t understand or they don’t want to know. I don’t matter how many times or how good your arguments are, as soon as a slick oily representative from the government tells ‘em that they can get “free stuff” all rational thinking goes out the window. Also we have schools, the general media and all the supporting troops indoctrinating. No, people need to realize things on their own and in a way I’m helping along with this process again and again saying what is what and coming back saying “I told you so”. Maybe one or two will start thinking, but that is not my hope. I think it is amusing seeing people trusting their enemies over and over.

  4. Anonymous:

    The housing crash happened because of to many government restrictions and some government institutions that kept the rates artificially low. George Bush is the most regulatory president the US ever has had, but the main culprit is Bill Clinton that started those institutions and the fed that has only idiots employed.

    We have never seen any free markets, only so so ones more or less restricted, most of the time and in most countries very restricted and controlled.

    But you are right, economists are clueless, but what we need is not those people regulated and controlled, what we need is to get rid of them from their positions and that we do by letting people decide things for themselves.

  5. Jag tycker att du ska börja skriva på svenska eller lägga ner bloggen. Ditt engelska språk är helt enkelt för dåligt och intressant att läsa. Annars verkar du vara hyfsat begåvad

  6. Håller fortfarande på att lära mig bättre Engelska vilket är ett av huvudsyftena för mitt skrivande. Hittar du några fel är du välkommen att påpeka dessa, går inte att bli bättre om man inte skriver samt inte får tillrättavisande. :))