Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some real ”green shoots”

Despite that the recession getting worse there is still those that claim they see ”green shoots” in the economy. These are the same people that saw nothing wrong at all with the economy 1,5 years ago when people that actually have a brain warned for the looming depression. There are some signs that the enemies of the people acknowledge this since, among others, the Obamination and some of his cronies have stated that the crisis is far from over and that “it will take time to recover”. Those statements are very few and still far from the truth so there is no hope of that the power elite will do what is right, but there are some real green shoots here and there in the world and in a state of positivism this morning I thought I should address some of those.

Honduras has shown some cojones lately, got rid of a dictator wannabe; they have so far refused to bow down to fascist clowns and have been one of very few voices of reasons in a mad world. If they keep this up they will soon lift themselves from poverty and I still feel an urge to move there.

India and China keeps hording gold and have, together with some other Asian economies, the production capacity to lift themselves and the world out of the depression in the future (about 10-15 years from now IF we are still alive). India has also killed off some Maoist guerrillas which need to be saluted. Even if these countries and many others also show signs of oppression and in Chinas case pure dictatorship, there is at least some shoots of hope.

Ayn Rand’s books are selling like never before and the number of people actually using their intellect is growing rapidly. There are also signs of rebellions here and there and the anti-government forces are gaining ground.

Some economists are also showing indication of thinking. Czech and German ones have questioned the reasoning behind stimulus packages and a couple of more have joined the ideas of Peter Schiff and Marc Faber in the US. These people are still mainly ignored by the mainstream media and the power elite, but hopefully those voices can be heard more and more so when we are going to rebuild the world again maybe we can get some liberties back.

These “green shoots” are not enough though. Not only are we heading for a huge plummeting leap over the cliff into the depressional and tyrannical abyss, we are also attaching ourselves with countless weights to make the climb up again that much harder, and so here is my wish list for the coming couple of years:

• A huge political scandal for the Obamination
Some of you might think I want to kill the bastard, and it is true, this fascist should be put in the ground (like so many other politicians), but that would also make him a martyr. The best thing would consequently be that it is made known that he has been doing altar boys together with some catholic priests and that dead singer or something of that nature.

• A couple of countries experience a big and real upraising.
There are some that already are trying, but we really need some people dancing on graves belonging to former state officials. We need some good examples of freedom in the world again.

• That the mainstream media and journalist actually do their jobs
I think it is probably too much to ask from lazy journalists that mainly sit in the lap of the enemy class, but some slim hope exists that at least some of them might wake up and smells the manure. I hope they start to write what is happening in Africa and really start reading about and tries to understand basic math so they can see what is going on with the economy. This will probably never happen, but maybe...

• Some poor countries say fuck you to IMF and the western world
We in the rich and more “enlighten” world is screwing up big time and is not the example to follow. I’m consequently hoping that some African and/or Asian countries ignore the propaganda and go their own way and even maybe start thinking and producing under the flag of freedom.

• An general increase in brain capacity
This is very unlikely, but there is very slim hope that this crisis might actually wake some people up and that the true champions of justice and peace will gain in numbers. The resent rise of Pirate Parties in Europe is one small step, that libertarian organisations seems to gain members is another. We are still far off from having a true awakening but one can always hope.

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