Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our enemies have meetings this week

Representatives of those ruling our lives; EU Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs will meet in Stockholm on July 15th until the 17th. They will chat a wee bit about the so-called “Stockholm Programme”, due to define the framework for EU police and customs cooperation, rescue services, criminal and civil law cooperation, asylum, migration and visa policy.In the end, the Programme will be adopted by the EU Heads of State and Government at the Summit in December 2009.

Of course it's important for those in charge to bring some order among their constituents. People are committing horrible crimes like bringing soap onboard airplanes and downloading porn. Citizens all over Europe, potential terrorists as they all are, need to be put through total surveillance, get monitored, watched and controlled because who knows what mischief they otherwise will come up with. The basis for this funny little scheme is the Lisbon Treaty that gives new “legal” powers to the European institutions over, among other things, cross-border police co-operation, counter-terrorism, immigration, asylum and border controls. The Stockholm Programme outlines how the justice commission will implement these new powers for the coming five years. The spokespersons for the enemy class claims the programme covers policy on ‘freedom, security and justice serving the citizen.’ This, however, means, in reality, that what they actually want to do is implement huge restrictions on citizen, impose almost total surveillance by the European state — and yes, this means your fingerprints, credit card charges, email traffic, debt, personal status, criminal history, health records and even political views are now going to be available from Dublin to Bucharest.

When our civil liberties are deteriorating at the speed they are right now, not only by the EU, but also by several (all) governments throughout, one should be very watchful. During normal circumstances this is highly dangerous fascist stuff we are talking about, during a financial crisis (soon to be depression) this is creating a situation that way oversees perils anyone has ever seen. This time it is not certain countries or certain rulers that are destroying the very foundation of democracy, it is all of them. One needs to be very naïve or highly stupid not seeing what this can and will be used for. Imagine a scenario where unemployment continues to increase, more economic bubbles bursts and people get more and more disillusional. In that situation; not only will we se riots and political turmoil, we will see governments (even the “good” ones) using this power to crack down on the slightest hit of “terrorism” or “rebellious forces” because this is what they do. A government has only one real power, the power of coercion and they will use it.

I dare to say, that never before in our modern history, even compared to the rise of fascism and communism 80 years ago, have we been in so much trouble as today. Ayn Rands prophetic books and George Orwell’s 1984 is not stories anymore, they are telling us what we are seeing now. Not only have the oppressional forces of governments created and worsen the financial crisis, they are also moving us towards a totalitarian surveillance society that would have been STASI’s wet dream.

Even if you do not buy my doomsday scenario; please come to grips with the laws and regulations the EU and your government is doing to you right now. This is not to protect you, it is to control you. This is not to catch terrorists; it is to have you everywhere in the system. And do you really think this is the last step? Have anything like this ever stopped with one law or one restriction? Technology develops, peoples habits change, a flaw in the law might be detected, maybe some real terrorist attacks will occur and all those things will further enhance, strengthen and increase the things they are doing to us now. I truly hope that my prediction in this case is wrong, but just in case they are not, you better prepare yourself, because this can turn very ugly very quickly.

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