Monday, July 20, 2009

The Obamination dropping like a stone

According to a new poll made in the US - that can be read here – Obama’s approval ratings continue to plummet. Earlier this year another poll told us that the US president had fallen behind the hairless W chimp compared to equivalent time in office. This is however worse since, among other things, his handling of the economy barely is supported by half of the respondents. A majority is also opposing another stimulus – which is already being planned by monkeys in Washington.

The most gladdening news, however, is that the number of independents is at a post-1981 high and that approval rating for the Obamination has dropped 9 points in this category. Since the republicans and democrats hardly differ in any big way this opens up a bit of floor space for other candidates that might drag in some rational thinking and the United States Constitution back into play.

Sadly the Obamination still has several years to ruin the economy both for the US and the rest of the world and that is all he needs. But at least a small glimmer of hope and finally people in the US is starting to wake up.

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