Monday, July 20, 2009

Gold, Gold and some Silver

If you listen to me (or anyone else with a brain) you’re making money out of Gold by now. Also stocks attached to Gold mining companies and related businesses have been going up lately. Among others; India and China have been buying a lot of gold recently and even if the gold price is kept down through manipulation by certain banks the price keep rising and will continue to do so. According to some with insight the gold price will reach $5000/uns within a year or so and I see no reason to question this. The world reserve currency, USD, is losing ground fast and I would be very surprised if it doesn’t collapse already this year. In addition to this there are higher and higher inflation expectations since bail-outs, stimulus packages and artificially low interest rates keeps flooding the markets with an abundant of money. A couple of countries is handling this very smart and if you want to know where the real power in this world will lay in the future, follow the gold.

Also, the same goes for silver that is actually more undervalued than gold.

I am hoping, of course, that we will see a return of real money with objective value; gold and silver. That will probably never happen, but maybe we can see a return of the gold standard which would be great thing. In the meanwhile I urge you all of you that are stupid enough having money fixed in housing, real-estate or stocks to sell, sell and sell. Then buy gold, silver and if you really feel the urge to own stocks, buy something related to those commodities. Most currencies are very volatile, but the Swish franc and several Asian currencies might be a good investment.

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