Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mind control - The political reality

Once upon a time in Sweden I invited Sweden’s current Justice Mentalist Beatrice Ask to hold a lecture on the subjects of democracy and individual freedom. She held a magnificent speech on this topic that was much appreciated by the 40 or so attendees. During this speech, among other things, she clearly stated how important it is with privacy and intellectual freedom. She also manage to make a very good illustration how the voting process works and in doing so sounding like a modern Ayn Rand. Now, however, she has left such persuasions and is instead arguing for modern day fascism. As spokesperson during Sweden’s chairman status within EU the coming months, she is, of course, bound to a certain extent. In politics ideology goes out the window and the purpose becomes to get: “the best result possible” and with this in mind she need to support, defend and salute even a purely fascist suggestion like the Stockholm Programme and this even if she oppose it. I don’t know if she still believes in what she seemingly did before; if she does she is a hypocrite and a dangerous troop carrier for the enemy class. If she don’t, she is has become a true believer in autocracy and a very dangerous troop carrier for the enemy class. Either way; personal integrity, intellectual freedom and democracy is not on her agenda.

With this as a prelude I want to tell a little story how democracy and the elitists system really work.

There is no secret what I think about government in general and certain political bodies in particular. Even if my opinion on this matter as well as my purposed solution might be construed as “to much”, I do believe that most average Joe’s, in pretty much every country on this planet, agree with me on some basic facts. Firstly I think that the general public are in agreement that politicians are overpaid and hardly ever address the real problems people see in every day life, and when politicians actually do act it’s normally too little/much, too late and too expensive. My experience is also that people, despite wanting the welfare state, rather see the money go to “main tasks” like medicare, healthcare, roads and the justice system rather than to purely political projects. And the fact of the matter is that once you show numbers on were the money actually goes, people often get very upset and might even question if it is really true, because most citizens have a firm believe that things should be rational and work in a rational way. But somewhere around here it stops, people do not take the next necessary step towards realizing the real faults and horrid pits of what can only be described as a Orwellian nightmare. There are no rational thoughts whatsoever among the political elite and their main purpose of existing is not to help the poor or the elderly as they so often point out. Instead a government exists, thrives and expands on the basis of selfishness and in-law politics and around this revolves the main tasks that all politicians have; how to best trick us into voting for them.

In UK the number if well paid politicians with authoritarian position looking down at their constituencies is today 3 times the amount then during the time of the British Empire. In some magical way much fewer politicians and bureaucrats were needed to administrate several countries and a landmass and populace twenty times that of today’s Britain. Bear in mind that this was before Internet and instantaneous information flow, before such things as faxes or even workable phones. With today’s technology and looking at the size of things the amount of public official should be a 1/3 of back then, not 3 times as many. In Sweden we find similar numbers, although never an empire to compare with, there is still hard to see why a country of only 9 million really need over 20 000 (depending how you count it can be slightly less or much more) full time leaches with well over normal salaries to make up the government. Even IF we really need politicians deciding over things like deep sea fishing, construction in foreign countries, what statue we should have in a round-a-bout and similar tasks, why the hell does it take so many of them?

But the reality of government doesn’t stop with this pointlessness. The worst thing, in regard to expenditure, is that most political institutions have no incentive to save or take care of money diverted to them. Instead the opposite is true. In most countries a political institution gets a chunk of tax money that is supposed to last through a fiscal year. However, this amount need to be spent because if it’s not then clearly that particular institution do not need as much and consequently get less money the next fiscal year. Of course this means that almost all institutions will spend all the money, but it also means that most will actually spend even more money in a scheme to get more money next year. This is why pretty much every branch of the government keeps expanding, not only money wise, but also in amount of personnel and governing politicians.

But of course it doesn’t stop there either. The faceless oligarchy of thieves that make up our ruling elite is also supported by an underclass of useless drone’s i.e. public employees. These people are directly or indirectly aware that their current wellbeing is highly dependent on the good notion of the state and consequently will oppose most or all cuts in expenditures. Politicians are not stupid and acknowledge this fact and they in turn have no incentive to diminish this pile since public employees in very high numbers vote for, support and/or celebrate any political decision made to enhance or expand these particular areas.

The normal reaction from those that support this system is that we are living in a democracy and we have elected those in charge so if someone wants to change the system they need vote for change or move away. If we address the last bit first, why should anyone be forced to move in order to live a happier and have a free life? Is the majority really that omnipotent so the minority feeling or opinion should never be addressed? And on the issue of voting; is it a good thing that people can vote for racist, communist or fascist parties? And even if a single vote makes a difference in regards to who gets elected – which it doesn’t – and if a vote makes a difference in regards to decisions – which it very seldom does – and if we disregard the very immorality of voting, there is still one issue that all people should be aware of; those we vote for are very seldom the ones making the decisions. That’s right, you read it correctly. The fact is that most decisions have already been made before they are up for public debate. Endless committees of servants, minions and cronies that have not been elected do most of the investigating, discussions and writings that becomes laws. These people that, by far, excide the quantity of politicians, are to a large extent companions, relatives, wives or old friends of the elite. Countless administrators, secretaries and other chimps who are appointed, not elected, sit on most of the actual power.

Still like the system? Okay, how about the fact that never in the history of democracy have a majority ever ruled. Don’t believe me? Check the numbers yourself, but just imagine which bunch of people that makes up the true majority. Do you think it is those who voted for the “winners”? Or do you think it is those that voted for the “looser” + the ones that did not vote + the ones that are not allowed to vote? Even if we disregard the ones that aren’t allowed to vote, the result is the same. If we ignore WW II; then, in Sweden, no government in the history of voting have ever had support of more than 30% of the population. You never get taught that in school. I wonder why…

So, what to do? While a peoples revolution and mass execution of most of the political elite would be satisfying to witness, it's not the civilized way of handling things, not even comes to racist or communist regimes. Unfortunately, the way people handle bad situations and bad governments is to grin and bear it. We have become so soft, bleed hearted and spoiled that hardly anyone even consider taking to arms and get rid of the burden. In addition, the slithering oily snakes in power have, of course, abolished the right to self-protection or, in many cases; they might have put an end to demonstration rights or even outlawed people from showing any kind of aggressive feelings towards the überclass – which is the main purpose of the Stockholm Programme.

I don’t believe in the voting process because even if we are lucky and get a good government for a while, it will not last. Some minor steps in the right direction are almost immediately countermanded by the next government. If one believes in this way of governing, then at least there should be full transparency, full disclosure and very easily interpretable laws so everything is in the open and everyone knows what is what. Have you ever wondered why this is not the case?

If you, however, believe as I do, that something more is needed; then some kind of revolution is the only way to go. And, just as important, after the revolution has been preformed, it is essential that the constitution, laws and the very fabric of society cannot be changed. The reason for this is to make sure that no smug well-spoken sales representative can come to power and dictate our lives again. There are several ways of going about this task, but this is necessary, otherwise those power hungry elitists will, sooner or later, again gain control over our lives.


  1. Stop pinging articles about the Sweden Democrats when you don't write anything about them.

  2. Indirectly I do if you read between the lines.

  3. "And on the issue of voting; is it a good thing that people can vote for racist, communist or fascist parties?"

    Do you mean that? Well, SD is neither racist, communist or fascist. There you go; easy as that. Now you know!

  4. Oh yes, glad u cleared that up for all of us. Stating obvious facts like Stalin was a liberal and Hitler a nice little gentleman is good things. How would we know things if not people like you told us...

  5. I conclude that the Sweden Democrats wish to enforce rules on how and when people link (or ping) to their website.

    That's very liberal and anti-fascist of them.