Thursday, July 16, 2009

Higher prices EU-style

While we are reached by other fine examples of “green shoots” in the economy - with Nokia and SonyEricsson showing really bad results and the Russians announcing that their economy shrank 10.1 per cent in the first half of this year - the EU has tons of money to waste. There is no secret that the agricultural policies of the European Union are based on socialist planning policies. Maybe the most obvious sign of this lunacy is the yearly support of billions to the tobacco industry at the same time as hundreds of millions are funnelled to convince people to stop smoking. So what to do in an economic worldwide crisis? Of course the enemies of the people residing within luxurious walls have other fun things like the Stockholm programme that is created with the purpose of turning all of us into drones under constant surveillance. But keeping to the agricultural policies; the EU, in a mad scheme to keep prices up (for some strange reason it’s a good thing if consumers pay higher prices) the übermenchen have decided to buy butter and skimmed milk powder for the amount of £24 million. These products are not meant to be used, eaten, handed out to the poor or anything of that sort, no, they are supposed to be “saved”. The main reason behind this, however, is to keep prices on those products up. So in the mist of a economic crisis the EU will use very well paid bureaucrats in order to divert stolen tax money to make consumers, that has less and less money, pay higher prices. This is capital destruction on so many levels that the real costs far excides the payment of £24 million. The enemy class has never shined brighter.

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