Sunday, July 26, 2009

legalize it - II

The senseless anti-drug policies of America and Mexico rages onward leading to more deaths and more suffering, all curtsey of the government. The fact is that it is the laws that create the problems, not the mafia. If the Mexican government (and any other on this planet) really wanted people to be safe, really wanted less dying from overdoses as well as from gang wars, they would legalize all drugs. If we did, we would see; in an instance, that the vast majority of all income to criminal organization would disappear, people that really want drugs could suddenly buy them at supermarkets, cheaper, cleaner and much healthier. All the crimes being committed each day in the hunt for money and drugs would vanish almost completely. Terrorist groups everywhere would loose most of their income and the world would be a safer, better and freer place. Ask yourself why governments don’t do it and then read the following:

No matter what I do with my body, it is mine. Not yours, not ours, not the governments, mine and only mine. So if I decide to cut off limbs, dip my hand in butter, dance the cha-cha or do drugs - that is my business. Anytime anyone uses the law and, consequently, force to hinder me from doing whatever I want with myself and my body I stop being human and instead becomes a slave. You can argue against it or drag it into infinity, but in the end you need to admit that if I cannot do whatever I want with my own flesh and blood; then I am a slave. So if I’m not free to decide whatever I want to do with myself and the government is using violence and force to keep me doing what they want, what does this make the government?

"If the government can't keep drugs away from inmates who are locked in steel cages, surrounded by barbed wire, watched by armed guards, drug-tested, strip-searched, X-rayed, and videotaped – how can it possibly stop the flow of drugs to an entire nation?" – Ron Crickenberger


  1. The governments are afraid of loosing vast amount of taxincom from legal alternatives, i.e. alcohol and tobacco. Tobacco and alcohol companies are among the largest sponsors of anti-drug campaigns. If there is a line between on the legal "safe" side alcohol, tobacco and on he illegal "dangerous" side all prohibited drugs, status quo is restored and theyll have monopoly. If these differences are erased then their monopoly will vanish.

  2. Well to loose one income is easily replaced with another. It is not hard to think about a situation where drugs are legalized and the government impose VAT (moms) or whatever you wanna call it just like they do on other goods. There will probably also be an extra tax that is supposed to go to “victims of drugs” and probably some more extra thingies. So the government wouldn’t loose money on legalization, quite the opposite. However, as you sort of implied, certain politicians might loose money. I have also read and heard about Tobacco and alcohol companies supporting the war against drugs and such, never really found any hard evidence for it though. Any links you might share?

  3. Even if its your body, drugs have a negative effect on your behaviour. That effects other people.

    Alcohol is legal, that doesnt stop it from killing alot of people every year.

    So no, we shouldnt legalize more drugs.