Sunday, July 26, 2009

Legalize it - I

People can have sex how much they want to, people can sell or buy as much as they want to, but for some strange reason you cannot combine those two. Or to phrase a famous and now deceased comedian: “How come selling and fucking is legal, but somehow selling fucking is illegal?”

There are a couple of so called arguments for outlawing prostitution that normally told. Firstly we have the feminists. There are different sorts of feminists; ugly assed lesbian man-haters that couldn’t get a man even if they were straight and dropped those 35kg of blubber they carry around; communist-chicks with that mass-murdering Che on a T-shirt or just the run of the mill average PC-politician. Generally their “argument” goes something like this: “Women are oppressed. If men buy their bodies, they are even more oppressed. We feel sorry for those women”. Well, first of all you got to give them cred for stating one fact; that women are oppressed. The problem, however, is that everyone is oppressed, not just females. And even if one also need to agree (for the most part) that women, historically speaking, have been the most oppressed gender - that holds very little weight today. Sure there are countries or religions where females might still be subjected to certain atrocities, but one should focus on those examples, not create a gender-war where there is none. Feminists also often use trafficking as a word identical to that of prostitution. This is, of course, mostly false. As any good sales pitch or marketing strategy they need to find something that appeal to our feelings and what better way to do this then to put a 13y old girl on the TV that can cry about how she has been abducted - and then they can claim a match between this girl being kidnapped and raped to all prostitutes. Everyone with a brain can see through this charade, which, of course, means that most journalists and politicians do not.

The other group often complaining about prostitution (and porn) are the conservative and very religious. These people, whom happily spank each other in the basement and/or has no problem banging altar boys, regard prostitution as an abomination. At the very least they don’t wanna see it or hear about it. This is the main reason for this group wanting to abolish hooking; they don’t want it around and they think that outlawing it will get it off the streets. If this creates more problems for these ladies (and men) is of no concern for mink-coated übermench or bible-thumping loonies. These people have no real argument other than playing the strings of others (and let’s face it, there are lots of these out there) that have about the same feeling. “Just go away, go to another country. Not on my street!”

All of this is dwarfed by two real arguments. Firstly, no matter what I do with my body, it is mine. Not yours, not ours, not the governments, mine and only mine. So if I decide to cut off limbs, dip my hand in butter, dance the cha-cha or sell my penis - that is my business. Anytime anyone uses the law and, consequently, force me from doing whatever I want with myself and my body I stop being human and instead becomes a slave with someone else as master. You can argue against it or drag it into infinity, but in the end you need to admit that if I cannot do whatever I want with my own flesh and blood; then I am a slave. Secondly, all these laws and hinders do is create more problems. Forced underground more “accidents” might happen, more laws means higher risk which means everyone involved is taking bigger chances. Hookers might not seek out medical assistance or legal advice since that might trigger the interest of the police. And so on and so on.

The solution to this “problem” is to legalize it and keep the government as far away as possible. As usual government is the creator of more problems and never the solution.

This little thingy transpired at a time when it just had become illegal for both buying and selling sex in Sweden:

About 13 years ago I was walking into a police station. I noticed a couple of uniformed officers at some desks and a couple of others in civilian outfits and a bunch of normal people waiting for their passport or whatever. I went straight for a sexy lady sitting there waiting and this is the very laud conversation that followed.

Me: Hi sexy, you look expensive
Sexy female*: No, not really. What u looking for?
Me: I want to have some fun. How much do you charge?
Sexy female*: 400SEK for a blowjob, 650SEK for per hour and 150SEK extra for anal
Me: Oh, I want the entire package baby.

Here a picked up a set of bills and started counting, handed over about half, as agreed upon, and took her by the hand and started to lead her out of the building. Needles to say, we got stopped and asked a couple of questions. Being my girlfriend* at the time, the lady in question and I said the same thing; we always pay each other. The police was not really amused, but let us go. At home we did all those things I did pay her for, but believing in equality as I do, she paid me back and did the same dirty things to me… Isn’t love grand?

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  1. I agree with you. Prostitution shouldn't be illegal. It should be a business like any other, with rules and taxed.

    As for your adventures with your *girlfriend. I find it pretty pathetic for a guy to pay for sex. Then again, there's plenty of pathetic needy guys who make this business thrive, so that the pimps can wear bling bling.